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I'm Here To Sell You A Diamond

Let’s get one thing straight, I’m a Jewelry Salesperson and I’m here to sell you a Diamond!

Whether or not you’re prepared for an actual sales presentation, no biggie. Just know that this is my job, and I’m good at it! :)

Selling Diamonds is pretty easy once you know your subject. You can talk about Diamonds all day long!

Every Diamond has their own specific strengths and weaknesses. There are some things that are good, and some things that are not so good (just like people).

As a salesperson, I can look at a Diamond and instantly know where its faults are. And as a good salesperson, I can brush aside those faults and quickly play up the strengths, or good points.

That’s what Salespeople do! :)

If a Diamond has a high Clarity but low Color, I’m going to talk more about the high Clarity than I will the Color. I will mention the Color, but not be negative about it. I’m here to make a sale, not lose one!

If a Diamond has Fluorescence, I may mention the fact that this Diamond has the natural ability to Glow-In-The-Dark. That makes it sound cool!

Don’t get me wrong, I always talk about the 4 C’s in any sales presentation. I show customers every stone under a 10x Microscope (and act surprised at the Jewelers that don’t). I thoroughly go through the Diamond Report (Certification Papers) and hit every angle. I love doing this!

I answer any questions and concerns there may be. I won’t lie about anything.

I tell it like it is!

But, I’m not stupid. If a customer really loves a Diamond and doesn’t care if it has Fluorescence, why would I talk them out of it?

I will compare Diamonds side by side so they can see a stone with and without Fluorescence (just using this as an example). That way they can judge the differences for themselves. I may also gently steer them towards a better stone, either with No Fluorescence, or a better Color, or Cut, or Clarity or Carat Weight… after all, a bigger sale equals bigger commissions. You do want a bigger Diamond don’t you? ;)

If they like a particular Diamond and aren’t worried about all the microscopic details, so be it, they’ll get a nice Diamond for a nice price. If they want to get into every fact and facet, I’m game. I’ll talk about Cut and Dimensions and Grading and Table Size… I know my stuff and am confident enough to tackle the big topics.

I’ll analyse stones and point things out under magnification. I enjoy this. Sadly, very few customers get into Cut (because many Jewelers avoid it), and that’s where I excel. But still know this above everything else… I’m here to Sell you a Diamond!

I’m going to push the strengths and smooth out any rough spots like a Wavy Girdle, a Large Culet or a stone that’s not Certified. I’ll talk all day about our Warranties and Policies and Custom Designs and Prices… Oh, and did I mention we have Free Ring Cleanings and Inspections?

I’ll laugh and joke and have a really good time with my clientele. That’s what I get paid to do. Be your best friend. :)

I’m Selling!

Yep, I’m Selling, and you know it. Don’t act like you don’t.

I won’t do you wrong though. If a stone has a visible flaw in it, I’ll show it to you. I’d rather have you see it now versus 2 weeks down the line… But I’ll also point out how the sparkles and brightness of the Diamond mask that flaw and makes it practically invisible… The sparkles are what will light up her face anyway. :)

I’m selling. I sell all day and all night (just ask my family).

And I’m just like the other 10,000 Jewelry Salespeople with dark suits and red power ties. I was trained to sell like a pro.

I’m not here to rip you off. Heavens NO! Never! I would never stoop to that level (although some will). My integrity means a lot to me and I strive to up front and honest with people. But boy, do I LOVE to sell! :)

Selling is a natural high for me. Plus, it helps pay the rent.

Picture this…

Let’s say you’re trying to sell your car. It’s in mint condition except for a little ding on the back bumper. Are you going to harp on that ding, or spend the next hour talking about the rest of the car and how great it is. See… everyone does it. You may not even mention the ding, but even if you did, you would only say it in passing. That’s my point. You say it and move on.

Diamonds and Sales are the same way. Everyone sells to the strengths. You, as a customer, just have to understand that it’s human nature to sell big.

Let’s look at some examples:

How would I handle selling a Chipped Diamond?


“This Diamond has a small chip on the side of the stone. Which is no problem, because our expert Jewelers can hide that tiny chip by placing a prong directly over it during setting (which is why you should always buy a Diamond Loose first!).

You won’t ever see the chip, she won’t see the chip, but you will save $2,000 by buying it, versus buying an identical Diamond of the exact same Carat Weight and Color without the chip. That’s a lot of money to save for covering up something you’ll never see!”

All said with a smile, of course! :)

Chip Crisis Solved!

How about Fluorescence?

How would I deal with a Diamond with Fluorescence?

“This Diamond has the natural ability to Glow in the Dark. Have you ever gone to a fun house and had your White Shirt glow in the dark? That’s what this Diamond will do. It’s called Fluorescence and very few Diamonds have this phenomenon. It’s an interesting trait that helps one identify this particular stone, which is also listed on the Diamond Report here (I’ll show them on the Certificate). Sometimes Fluorescence affects the beauty of the stone in natural lighting, but more often than not, it just makes the Diamond look cool under a UV light or Black Light, which makes it glow. Sounds neat eh?”

You see, we all do it. Read some descriptions on Ebay Auctions and you’ll see “Almost New” or “Slightly Used“… a little bent corner, some highlighting, a small dent, a broken handle… and then they move onto the good stuff. The stuff that outweighs the bad.

If the weakness of a Diamond helps you save money and doesn’t look that bad, then who’s going to complain? You can view the stone. Ask questions. Compare Diamonds. Read all the important facts yourself… It’s up to you to ultimately decide what to do.

L Color is Low?

How do I sell a Diamond with a Low Color of L?

Just like this…

“This Diamond has a little Yellow Hue to it that gives it a nice warm body color that many people like.

All you have to do to hide this Color is to set this Diamond into a Yellow Gold Mounting. No one will notice the Color at all! But you will notice the savings!”

You see, it all comes back to the savings! That helps justify the small faults…

It’s all up to you. The more you know about Diamonds, the more you can ask, the better off you are to see these faults and to compare stones and make a final buying decision.

This is what I recommend…

Come Prepared!

Understand that salespeople will talk up their merchandise. They’ll push the strengths and down play the weaknesses. Every Diamond has both!

If you read enough about Diamonds and understand them, you can spot the weaknesses and make an excellent purchase.

I suggest reading my Diamond Crash Course that teaches people about buying Diamonds as well as saving money.

Do your homework!

Be prepared before you walk into any Jewelry Store, because they have Diamonds, and they LOVE to sell them! (Especially Engagement Rings)

This Diamond Loses Light

Am I going to tell you that this 1.00 Carat Diamond is a Spread Stone that loses light? Probably not in those exact words. I would probably compare it to other Diamonds with better Cuts and explain that this one is not Cut as deep as the other Diamonds of the exact same Carat Weight which gives you the appearance that this Diamond is much bigger. It looks more like a 1.25 Carat instead! Sweet! You get a bigger looking Diamond, for a much better price! :)

I’m telling the truth. I’m just turning this little weakness into a benefit!

I see Black Spots!

Just like a Diamond with an eye-visible Inclusion. I would say something like this…

“The good thing about that tiny visible black speck is the fact that you will always and quickly be able to identify your Diamond. You can take your Ring into any Jewelry Store to get it cleaned and inspected, and when you get it back, you can simply look down and see your black speck and instantly know that that’s your stone. They didn’t switch your Diamond! You got your Ring back! It’s all good peace of mind!” :)

Am I right, or am I right?

Just about any bad quality can be turned around to sound good.

It’s just like people. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, but you don’t harp on the bad qualities… you just look for the positives. :)

So when you’re out shopping for a stone, it helps to know these things. It all comes from a basic understanding of Diamonds and how sales work.

If you know what to look for, you can find the perfect Diamond for the perfect price.

You just have to look past the hype!

If you don’t understand something, bring it up. Delve into details. Compare stones. The more you want to learn, the better off you are.

Last bit of Advice:

Go to a handful of Jewelers (both Independent and Corporate) and look at Diamonds under a scope (this is a MUST). Seeing different stones, stores, and policies will open your eyes. Plus, it will weed out the bad ones with bad salespeople and bad presentations.

Some come on in… Welcome! You’ve come to the right spot.

Let me grab a Diamond and some Tweezers and I’ll meet you in the Diamond Room

Because… I’m here to Sell you a Diamond! :)

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