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Interlocking Wedding Sets Locking Bridal Rings

“It spins all the time!”

It drives women crazy when their engagement ring and their wedding rings rotate around on their finger and doesn’t line up properly.

I see it happen daily!

Women are always adjusting their rings so they fit flush again.

What a pain.

You would think there would be an easy solution to making a wedding set stay together…

Well, there is!

They’re called “interlocking wedding sets“.

No more soldering your rings together. No more fussing over your two rings. No more scratching the metal up.

Locking sets definitely are a great solution.

Lockings wedding sets are sold as a pair.

(Of course) They are both the engagement ring and the wedding ring sold together as one. And they do exactly what they say they’ll do, they lock together.

Take a look at the image below.

You can see how an interlocking wedding set hooks together and forms one ring.

Locking Wedding Sets!

The wedding ring (which could never be worn on it’s own because it looks silly by itself) fits underneath the engagement ring.

One of the diamonds goes on each side of the solitaire engagement ring. It slides up and under the other ring and that is what holds it in place.

It’s a perfect fit for a perfect look.

No more fuss. No more rotating them around to align them. They stay put where they belong.

And the great news is this:

You don’t have to get your rings soldered. Wonderful.

Interlocking sets are nothing new.

These types of rings have been around forever (probably as long as bridal sets have).

Some interlocking sets will have a notch cut out of one ring, and the other ring will have a peg or a hook. The two pieces lock together and they hold the rings in place.

This concept may be something a jeweler could do to your own set if it doesn’t interlock. They might be able to make a hook and a slot for you. Take your rings to a jeweler and find out. Just know that every set is different and options will vary.

See the image below to see the hook and slot method.

Locking Wedding Rings!


Other locking sets have a double wedding ring that the engagement ring slides down into (these are called inserts). A lot of diamond wraps (top part wraps around a diamond solitaire) also help to hold your rings into place.

Some interlocking sets have just a thin gold band on one side with diamonds on the other. Some sets have gemstones or a matching cluster of small diamonds that hold everything in place. Every design is different, but they all have one thing in common:

They hold your rings together.

I love interlocking sets.

They work great, they look good, and since they don’t cause the rings to move around and rub up against each other, they don’t wear each other down.


What a great invention.

And if you want to know what to do at the altar with these types of rings… It’s not as bad as you would think.

I mean, you don’t want to be fumbling around, taking off her engagement ring, locking them together and then slipping them all back on her finger… NO!

So hook the rings before the wedding.

That way, during the ceremony you just put both rings on her finger at the same time.

It works perfect.

(As long as you don’t accidentally knock the rings apart and then have to assemble the puzzle while everyone waits…)

All in all, locking wedding sets work like a charm. They’re clean and classy. They do no harm to your mounting, and your rings will always look great.

So do I advise buying interlocking rings?

You betcha! (unless you like being unbalanced and askew.)

Interlocking sets really are the best type of wedding set to buy.

So what do you think?

Are you hooked?

Cheers! :)

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  1. This will probably be the shortest comment I’ve ever left here (Hooray! He says!! LOL!!)
    Yes, I’ve always been “hooked” on these types of wedding sets! Why? Because I LOVE Vintage 40’s rings, and most all of them were designed like that hook-and-slot setup you showed! But, now most of the ones on the vintage market don’t work anymore, because that delicate little hook/tab device broke off ages ago. :-( So, what did they do? They had them soldered together!
    There was even a brand of wedding sets on the market, up into the 50’s, that specialized in that specific style, where every set they sold was a lockable set, and all their marketing was based on that very concept, and for exactly the reasons you described. I saw ads for them in the vintage ads sections of eBay, when I was looking for J R Woods/ArtCarved and Keepsake ads from the War years, but I didn’t buy any of the ones from that company. Should have, because now I can’t recall the brand name! But I remember they were there.
    And the locks are still present on some of the vintage sets I have purchased over time. Others are soldered together. I have about eight or so. A few just bands with engagement rings that I have assembled as “sets” but most are matched sets. Love them all!

    • I couldn’t even think of wearing two bands together that weren’t held in place. That spinning around would drive me crazy for sure. And then we have the Puzzle Ring… That’s a Ring you’d want to keep interlocked! :) -Richard

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