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Is A Flawless Diamond Really Flawless

The true definition of Flawless is this: Without any blemishes or imperfections; perfect.

I’m sure many would agree with me…

To be Flawless it must be free of every single Flaw? Right?

Sounds simple enough… But is it?

Is a Flawless Diamond really Flawless?

Well, No, not really!

You see, when we’re talking about Diamonds, Flawless takes on a slightly different meaning.

Flawless is the Best Clarity

A Flawless Diamond (marked as FL on a Diamond Certificate) is the highest and best Clarity grade of Diamond you can get when graded under 10x magnification. Note that Flawless pertains to Clarity and not anything else (like Cut, Color, or Carat Weight).

Take a look at the Diamond Clarity Chart below…

Flawless Clarity Chart

A Flawless Diamond can have small minute Imperfections in the stone. These Flaws are extremely minute and pretty much insignificant. In fact, to be considered Flawless, the flaws can’t affect the beauty of the stone, nor can they distort the Diamond in any way.

Take a look at Flawless Diamonds below…

Flawless Clarity

To an untrained eye, with a 10x (ten powered) Microscope, a Flawless Diamond will look clean and truly Flawless.

It takes a Professional Diamontologist or Gemologist to see the tiny characteristics, almost invisible traits like: Naturals, Internal Graining, Extra Facets, Polish Marks… and even then, they will have to scrutinize the stone very well. Keep in mind, these Flaws are so small they can’t affect the overall quality of the stone in the least. And also keep in mind this is with 10x magnification. Any imperfections seen in a Diamond graded with a higher magnification (like 20x or 30x) doesn’t count towards the Flawless Clarity Rating as long as it’s not seen with a 10x Powered Lens.

To most people, anything in a VVS2 Clarity Diamond or higher will look Flawless. It’s difficult to spot any of those small Pinpoints, Dots, Feathers and Identifying Marks in a VVS Diamond, let alone a Flawless stone, even after years of experience.

Flawless is Rare

The Flawless Category is such a small Clarity Grade as compared to all the other rest of the Clarity Ranges. Flawless and Internally Flawless (IF) count for only 2% of all the Diamonds mined in the World today… That’s Rare!

Flawless is Expensive

With Flawless being so rare, you will find that it’s almost impossible to locate.

Flawless Diamonds almost never hit the Jewelry Stores and is mainly sold to collectors who don’t care about price… Because that price will be extreme!

Compare a One Carat Flawless Diamond with D Color (the best there is), against an SI1 Clarity Diamond (D Color as well) to see how they rate:

1.00, SI1, D, IDEAL, GIA $8,184
1.00, FL, D, IDEAL, GIA $29,168

Both of these Diamonds listed above are GIA Certified and both have Ideal Cuts. As you can see, it’s just a small difference in price… a small car! :)

But then again, if you’re looking to buy the best there is, then money is probably not an issue.

That’s why I selected Diamonds with D Color and Ideal Cuts for this comparison. If you’re purchasing the top of the line Clarity, why would you sacrifice Cut or Color? You may as well get the best in ALL fields!

Think about it… Why buy a Flawless Clarity and have a low Color or a bad Cut? Sounds like a contradiction doesn’t it? Calling a Diamond “Flawless“, but having a Strong Yellow Hue (M Color) or a Wide, Narrow Cut (Spread Stone) doesn’t really work for me. Sure that can be the case, Flawless Diamonds can come in ANY Color AND any Cut… But it doesn’t sound “Flawless” to me.

Flawless sounds like Perfection to me. Perfection in every aspect, not just Clarity. I know I’m asking too much, but many consumers are under the impression that a Flawless Diamond is Perfect. I tell them they have to also look at Color and Cut, but I asure you, it can get confusing for them. Is it Flawless or not?

The Bottom Line is this…

If you want to buy the best there is (remember money is no concern), then do so (D Color, Excellent Cut). That way, when you tell someone that you have “a Flawless Diamond“, it can truly be Flawless (or Perfect) in every regard.

And that sounds perfect to me! :)

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