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H I Diamond Color

Just about every Jewelry Store that you go into, their Diamonds have 1 main thing in common:

H-I Color

A good portion of all the Diamonds sold in the country have H-I Diamond Color.

Why? Because H-I is an average Color, middle of the road, greatly abundant, and Consistent Color in Nature.

Dead Center

H-I Color is dead center of the Near Colorless Color Chart. (See Picture) If you look at the Diamond Color Grades designed by G.I.A., you’ll see Colorless is the top Color Range, and Near-Colorless is the next best Color Range.

Near-Colorless are the Grades G, H, I and J. Near Colorless basically means, there is a little off-color in the Diamond. (The Best Diamond Color is Pure White, or NO Color!) They have a little Yellow Hue that as you go further down the Color Chart, gets stronger and more visibly Yellow!

Yellow Color

When you get into the L-M and beyond Color Ranges (They start at D and go through Z!), you’ll definitely see a lot of Yellow Color in the Diamond. And trust me when I say, P Color is really Pee Color! Yellow Color is NOT good! Brown isn’t particularly pleasant either. Yellow or Brown Colors in Diamonds makes them look Old, Dirty, Decayed and Ugly!

White is the preferred Diamond Color to have. But most Diamonds do not come in White. White Diamonds are rare and command big price tags. The Near-Colorless range is better suited for the average consumer and an average price range.

That’s why H-I is so popular.

It’s Common!
It’s not that everyone wants them, it’s just that most of the Diamonds are in the Near-Colorless Range. It’s so common in fact, that most people don’t even know that other Diamond Colors exist! Every where you go, all you see are H-I Colored Diamonds, and if that’s all you see, that’s all you get!

But I’m telling you, you shouldn’t settle for that. Just because most of the Jewelers carry H-I Color, doesn’t mean you are stuck with it. All it takes is for you to compare H-I Color to either G Color, or even better, the Colorless Range, which is D-E or F, and you’d be immediately impressed. The difference in Color would open your eyes!

Keep Looking

What I’m saying is, just because it’s the common Color, and just because that’s what everyone is carrying, keep looking! Find a Jeweler that carries Colorless and buy your Diamond from them! Compare H-I to the better Color Grades. See for yourself what a Better Color and a Better Diamond looks like! You won’t regret it!

You really would be surprised at how much Color affects the beauty of a Diamond. Color actually affects the beauty of a Diamond MORE than Clarity does! (And that’s because you’re dealing with Tiny, Microscopic Inclusions!) A Color Range of D, E, F, or G (All better Color Grades than H-I), will actually make your Diamond look Bigger, Brighter, and Sparkle like crazy.

That extra Brilliance is worth every penny!

Is H-I Color a Good Color to Buy?

Sure! It’s not bad. But then again, it’s not great. H-I Diamonds do have an little Tint or Cast of Yellow to them. Some people will notice it, others won’t. It may not be an issue for you. You’ll have to check them out to be sure. Every Diamond is different. But I’d bet if you compared H-I to a Diamond graded E or F in Color, you’d change your mind in a heart beat! It’s that stunning!

Colorless is Awesome! Near-Colorless is Okay!

If it were me, I’d go Colorless in a second. But if moving up to the Highest Color Range is a strain on your wallet, then do the next best thing…

Buy G Color

G Color is at the top end of the Near-Colorless Range, and it’ll make your Diamond look Bright and White! G is a great Color, and a great compromise. H-I is not bad. I would say it’s just so-so. H-I is just like every other Diamond out there on the market… If that’s what you want!

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