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Is It Cheaper to Buy Diamonds Loose or Mounted?

“Buy Diamonds Loose or Mounted?”

Good Question!

Is it Cheaper to Buy a Loose Diamond or a Diamond that’s already set in a Mounting?

I’ll tell you…

It’s Definitely More Expensive to Buy a Loose Diamond!

Hands down, it will Cost you A LOT More.

But, would I ever Advise you to buy a Diamond that’s NOT Loose?



Always Buy Loose!

Buying Diamonds Loose is the only way you should ever Buy a Diamond. Why? Because you’ll be able to Buy the Diamond without being Distracted by the Mounting. Diamonds already set into Mountings are Bad because you never really know what you’re getting!

Mountings have a Tendency to Reflect the Mounting back into the Diamond. Is that a Flaw or is it a Reflection of the Prong?

Mountings also Cover up a Good Portion of the Diamond. They Hide Certain Imperfections that you should definitely know about!

Mountings Block Your View!

Diamonds in Mountings are very hard to see under a 10x Jeweler’s Loupe or Microscope. It’s Hard to See the Inclusions in the Stone. It’s Hard to See any Nicks or Chips on the Edge of the Diamond’s Girdle. (Plus, Prongs could be Covering those up and Hiding them too!)

With a Diamond in a Mounting, it’s Harder to Judge the Depth of the Diamond. Is it Lumpy? Shallow? It makes it Harder to See how the Diamond Reacts to Light. Is the Diamond Proportioned Well? Mountings Hide the Truth!

Never buy a Diamond that’s Already Set

Buy the Diamond Loose First, then Choose the Mounting you want for it later.

They should be 2 Separate Purchases.

If you like a Diamond that’s already Mounted, have them Remove it from the Mounting so you can see it Better!

And What About Cost?

WHY Does it Cost more to Buy a Diamond Loose versus Mounted?

Because, when you Focus Entirely on just one Diamond and nothing else, you’re going to Focus more on the Quality of the Diamond and not just how the Ring looks as a whole. (Which means, you’ll end up Buying a Better Quality Diamond too!)

With Loose Diamonds, you’ll Concentrate more on the 4 C’s of Diamonds, Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight.

You’ll be able to Microscope the Diamond and see it from all Angles, Sideways and Upside Down. You’ll be able to Scope every Single Flaw and Imperfection in the Stone. You’ll be Amazed at that! You’ll have no Problems in seeing exactly what it is you’re Buying!

Most Loose Diamonds are already Certified!

This is a Wonderful thing…

90% of all Loose Diamonds come Certified! (100% should!)

And here’s the deal with Certified Diamonds…

NEVER buy a Loose Diamond that’s NOT Certified!

And Speaking of Certification, there’s only ONE Company in the World that I would Recommend:


GIA is the Gemological Institute of America, and that is the Best Diamond Certificate to Buy for your Loose Diamond.

GIA Wrote the Book on Diamonds!

They know what they’re talking about.

And not only make sure you Buy a GIA Certified Loose Diamond (AGS is my Second BEST Choice for Diamond Reports), but make sure it’s Laser Inscribed as well.

Laser Inscriptions are when they Etch the Diamond Report Number right onto the Edge of your Diamond.

That Little Number will keep you from getting Ripped Off!

Inscriptions Guarantee that the Quality you’re Buying is the Quality you’re getting!

In other words, you get what you pay for!

Buying a Loose Diamond is a Fascinating Journey into the World of Diamonds, Microscopic Inclusions, Fire, Brilliance and Ideal Cuts…

Trust me, you’ll never want to Buy another Mounted Diamond again!

No matter how Cheap it is!

Cheers! :)

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