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Diamond Clarity Issue Or Crack?

A Reader Writes in and Asks Me a



My Son just Spent $2,300 on a 3/4 Carat Engagement Ring Two Weeks ago. He now Noticed what looks like a Chip or Crack. He Brought it back to the Jeweler and was told it was a “Clarity” Issue (?) The Jeweler Spun it around and Hid the “Crack” Behind a Prong. Shouldn’t he have Replaced the Stone? I Feel my Son was Ripped Off.

What do you Think?


Hi Jackie.

Even though your Son paid $2,300 for a Diamond Ring doesn’t mean it wouldn’t have a Chip in the side of it. (You could Pay Thousands more for a Diamond with the same Flaws, it just Depends on Size) If it’s a Small Chip, or Natural, it can be Found on a lot of Diamond Girdles (The Edge of the Stone) Regardless of Clarity. While it’s More Common for them to Appear on Lower Clarity Diamonds like SI2 or I Clarity, Naturals or Little Clarity Issues (like Trigons) can also be Found on Higher Clarity Diamonds like IF, which is Internally Flawless.

But from what the Salesperson told your Son, that it was a “Clarity” Issue, then that probably means it is an SI or I Clarity (More than likely an I1 Clarity). Chips, Cracks, and Inclusions are what I1 Clarity Diamonds are all about. You can get a Big Looking Diamond, but you Sacrifice Quality.

Most jewelers will try to Rotate the Diamond so that the Little Chips or Nicks are Hidden Underneath the Prongs. That’s actually a Smart and Professional thing to do (which is why I always Recommend people to Buy their Diamonds Loose First, then get them Mounted).

The Real Question here is:

Did your Son Understand the Clarity he was Buying? Was he Told Exactly what it was? Did he do Research and Fully Understand the Differences between Clarities? And did he Microscope the Diamond upon Purchase? (And also, is it Certified?) Usually, by doing a Little Homework, customers will Tend to Buy a Little Bit Better Clarity and Color once they know and can see the Differences between them.

The Bottom Line is this:

Is that Chip the Only Noticeable Flaw? Can he Live with it? If so then it’s probably Not a Big Deal once it’s Covered up by a Prong. But if there are More Flaws, Black Spots or Cracks in the Diamond that stand out and Bug him, then it may be Wise to Upgrade to a Little Bit Better Clarity like SI1 or Higher.

I Would Recommend at least SI1 with a G-H Color or Higher.

Good Luck!

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