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Is The Engagement Ring A Gift

So, is the engagement ring a gift, or not?

Do you keep the ring upon breakup?

What if he cheats on you?

All good questions

I have answers.

First off, NO the engagement ring is not a gift. It’s not like he’s buying you some earrings or a pendant or anklet.

The engagement ring is a token of commitment. a bond that you accepted upon the phrase “Will you marry me?

The ring is a uniting of individuals. It shows that you belong together through thick and thin.

So if that joining falls apart, the ring goes back to him.

As long as you stay married, it’s yours. But upon separation, it’s his.

What if he cheats?

Most women believe that if he cheats, the ring is HERS

But that’s still not the case. He bought it for you to get married. No marriage, no ring. The cheating is a whole different topic that I won’t discuss here. And really, what more can be said about it? I would think that if he cheated on you, why would you want to keep the ring anyway?

The Exception:

Yes there is one exception to this ‘gift’ rule

The DAY you propose!

That’s right, certain days of the year are a no-no for proposing and will void the whole ‘gift theory‘…

They are days like holidays, birthdays, graduation… Days like Christmas, New Years, Valentines… If you propose to her on these celebratory days, then it will turn that engagement ring into a gift.


This is why you should never mix the proposal with a holiday. I know many people want to do it in front of their family and friends (you’re gathering anyway), but DON’T! Unless you don’t care about getting the ring back…

Proposal days should be their own separate day.

Separate meanings with no confusion as to the ring being a gift, or not.

Cheers! :)

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