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Is Yellow Gold Making a Comeback?

I heard something the other day that sounded rather odd.

A woman was shopping in the Jewelry Store and trying on different pieces.

She said to me “I’ve always been a White Gold person, but lately I’ve been looking at Yellow Gold. I’m thinking about Switching!”

What struck me as odd is the fact that I’ve never heard someone say this before.

Usually Women are switching from Yellow Gold (Since Yellow Gold has Dominated the Market for over 50 Years) and they’re making the move into White Gold. But not the other way around.

Could this mean that…

Yellow Gold is finally making a come back?

After losing ground and almost becoming Extinct, just think about it… Yellow Gold, Popular again?

Could be? It’s too early to tell, but I am surprised by it.

Everything you see in the stores today is White Gold. Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Bracelets… There are only a few scatterings of Yellow Gold.

White Totally Overpowers Yellow!

Two-Tone Jewelry is still popular though. Two-Tone (Yellow Gold and White Gold Mixed) is a great way to merge the two Colors of Metals. With Two-Tone Pieces, you can wear both Yellow Gold and White Gold at the same time and they’ll look great together.

I wore nothing but Yellow Gold for over 20 years. But guess what? Not anymore! For the last 5 years (I was Slow to make that Switch), I’ve been wearing all different types of White Metals: Tungsten, Steel, Titanium, Platinum, White Gold, and I LOVE it.

White Grew on me!

I fell in Love with all the New Styles and Designs. White Metals totally Revamped the Men’s Jewelry Line. (Which Desperately Needed it!) Now we have Cool, Modern Pieces that Guys actually like to wear.

But is this White Metal Era over?

Is this Just a Phase?

Are people getting ready to Head Back into Yellow?

I don’t think so! But I can’t say for sure.

As long as the Industry is Flooded with White Gold, I don’t think it will be anytime soon. 5 Years? 10 Years? Maybe?

Or it could be that this customer was a Fluke?

Are Yellow Days Coming?

We’ll Have to Wait and See!

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