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James Allen Diamond Search Tip

Buying diamonds from James Allen?

I highly recommend them!!!

They are one of the biggest diamond sellers on the net. Plus, they have a very cool virtual loupe that no one else has. :)

But there is one secret tip that few people know about, that can literally save you hundreds of dollars on your next diamond purchase…

It’s all in the way you search.

Seriously, check out their search here from a screenshot of their website

James Allen Diamond Website

You see, James Allen has one of the biggest and best diamond search engines available (this day shows over 10,535 round diamonds). Take a peek…

James Allen Diamond Search

You can simply select your color and clarity from the basic options and it will bring up thousands of different diamonds to choose from.

Let’s say, for example, that you’re looking for a 1 carat diamond (1.00) with SI1 clarity and E color (great combo).

You select E from the color grades, SI1 from the clarity grades and type in 1.00 in the carat weight section.

Instantly, it brings up hundreds of select diamonds

SI1 E 1 Carat Diamond Search

The first, most obvious diamond is this round brilliant cut diamond, 1.00 carat, SI1, E, with a very good cut, for only $7,100.

SI1 E 1 Carat Diamond

But is this the best?


While that diamond is a great diamond with a good cut, very good symmetry and excellent polish, YOU CAN DO BETTER!

You can select the advanced options in the selection area, and also search by symmetry, polish, certification and fluorescence

James Allen Advanced Options

These advanced options will help narrow down your search for the perfect diamond.

But you can search even better, with this one little tip: PRICE!

Sort by price:

You see, by default, James Allen lists their stones by carat weight first.

You can certainly go through all the diamonds and search for the best deal, but seriously… It only takes a second to find them.

You see the area above the diamonds that says VIEWS? Across from that shows you all the different options for sorting the stones…

Sort By Price

You can sort the stones by selecting any of these views: Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut, and Price. The BEST view to get the best price with, is of course: PRICE.

When you select price, it will reorder all of the diamonds from highest price to lowest price. Don’t have a cow when you see a stone for $44,000… Select the price button a second time and it will rearrange the stones from lowest price to highest.

Ahhhhh, that’s much better.

In fact, by using all of the advanced options and selecting not only SI1, E, 1.00 carat, but also selecting excellent polish, excellent symmetry, GIA certified (the best), ideal cut, and no fluorescence, it brings up this view:

SI1 E Diamond Sorted By Price

Now we’re talking!

The first diamond it brings up is cut better (excellent) than the previous diamond, has a better symmetry (excellent), and has a bigger carat weight (1.03), and… ANDIt’s also $200 cheaper.


Check out the SI1 E Diamond here!

All this because you did an advanced search and sorted by lowest price.

Not bad eh?

Let’s try a couple of more search examples…

Punching in SI1, G, excellent polish, excellent symmetry, GIA certified, ideal cut, 1.00 carat, no fluorescence, the first diamond showing is an excellent diamond priced at $7,380

SI1 G Diamond Before Sorting

Sorting by price (lowest to highest), brings up one diamond to the top that’s cheaper in price: $6,810.

SI1 G Diamond After Sorting

Now we’re saving some real money. :)

Hint: If you ever need to clear your sorting options, just select the (reset sorting) to the right of the views.

Check out this excellent diamond here: SI1 G diamond

Let’s try one more search

Punching in VS1, E (my favorite clarity and color), the first 1 carat diamond to show up is priced at $12,100. Take a look…

VS1 E Diamond Before Sorting

But, by sorting the price, it brings up an even bigger diamond (1.05 carat) of the exact same quality for only $10,910. That just saved you $1,190.

VS1 E Diamond After Sorting


You see, all it takes is to sort by price and all of the cheaper (in price only) diamonds rise to the top. This is how I always find the best deals. :)

This trick can save you tons of searching and tons of money!

VS1, E… Such a beautiful diamond

VS1 E 105 Carat Diamond

P.S. Keep in mind, the diamonds in this post were available as of the day of this post. James Allen sells a lot of diamonds, so the stones in their search engine changes on a daily basis.

This means that the diamonds listed in this post may not even show up in your searches today.

In fact, other diamonds of other quality and prices will. But, you never know… Maybe you can do better. :)

Update: This page has been updated recently, but the images and diamonds shown are old. They don’t reflect the current website, availability, or prices. They are used just as an example. Still, the initial concept and search tips remain… You will still save tons of money by using advanced options, and sorting by lowest price. :)

Cheers! :)

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James Allen

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James Allen

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