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Jewelers and Jewelry Stores High Pressure Sales Techniques

Nothing turns people off more than Jewelers that Apply Too Much Sales Pressure!

All they want to do is make those Cash Registers Ring!


Jewelers are Fanatical about using High-Pressure Sales Techniques.

Things Like:

Trust Me! This is the Lowest Price in Town!

Or “This is a One Time Offer! Take it or Leave it!

Watch out for these Quick Talking Jewelers!

They know Exactly what to say to Smother you with Pressure. If you Feel Forced into Buying a Ring, it won’t make you Feel Good, and you won’t want to Return to that Jeweler in the Future. That’s Why Most People have Anxieties about Shopping at Jewelry Stores.

Too Much Forcefulness!

It’s Such an Uneasy Feeling!

I Say Why Rely on Tricks?

Jewelers shouldn’t Rely on such Tricks and Pressure Points to Persuade Customers to Buy. It should be an Enjoyable Experience for all. It should be Fun, Friendly and Informative.

A Customer should Walk out of the Jeweler Content with their Purchase, and they should be Well Informed on Exactly what they Bought.

The Worst Techniques?

The Worst Sales Techniques used in any Jewelry Store are the ones that Push the Merchandise out the Door.

Salespeople will try to Ram it down your Throat saying “Just Take it. Wear it. You’ve Got Nothing to Lose! You Know you Want it. Don’t Worry about Paying for it…” No Pressure! Right?

Ha! I’ve seen Countless Salespeople Force Customers. It Works sometimes, and Backfires sometimes. Once in a Blue Moon the Customer will Keep the item, but usually they’re in the very next day Returning the Jewelry. That’s also when they’ll Complain to the Manager about the Salesperson and how Badly they were Pressured!


Just Say “NO!”

You see, some people just have a Hard Time saying “No!

Some people are just too Weak or too Nice and Friendly to Simply Walk away. These People are Jewelry Store Victims! They may have Bought a Piece of Merchandise, but they aren’t Happy about it and probably won’t ever Return to the Store to Shop again.

The Jeweler Loses a Customer for Life!

Sad, isn’t it?

All because they Tried too Hard to Slam Sales! They don’t ever Think about the Customer and how they Feel!

Don’t Fall for High Pressure Sales!

Don’t ever Feel Obligated to Buy. Jewelers have a Crazy way of Selling you things you really don’t want.

If you go into a Store looking for a Particular Diamond, and they don’t have it, they will, of course, try to Sell you a Different Diamond. You can’t Blame them for that.

But the Problem is, that Diamond isn’t what you really Wanted, and chances are Good, it’s much Different Quality than what you were looking for. Jewelers will try to Force this Diamond on you because of its “Awesome Price!


You’ll end up Getting Suckered into a Low Grade Diamond if you aren’t Alert enough!

If you’re looking for a certain Diamond or Quality, then don’t be Swayed. Just make sure you know Exactly what it is you want.

Do your Homework First!

Being Prepared ahead of time will make it Easier to Shop, and Easier to Spot those Pushy Jewelers.

And if the Jewelers try to Double-Team you, (That’s when 2 Salespeople Work you over at the same time!… That’s Really High-Pressure!) then they know they have a live one… They Can Smell blood… They’re like Vampires and Leeches! They know they can hold you down and get you to Spend a Ton of Cash!

Proceed with Caution!

If this happens, I say RUN AWAY!

Run Away Quick!

Deal with Friendly Jewelers that are Knowledgeable and Helpful.

Deal with Folks that are Down to Earth, Sincere and Honest.

Check around and find Jewelers with a Good Reputation. Look them up on the BBB Website! (Better Business Bureau)

Once you find a Jeweler that you Feel Comfortable with, you’ll probably Shop there Forever.

Customers have a way of Becoming Loyal and Sticking with Jewelers for a Lifetime!

And if a Salesperson ever says to you “I can Give you that Deal Today and Today ONLY!“…

Then Bid them a “Good Day” and just Walk away!

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