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Jewelry Cleaning Secrets Tips 101

Seeing is believing! And trust me, there’s nothing better to see than a sparkling clean Diamond! :)

But the problem is, they don’t sparkle like they do when a Professional Jeweler cleans them…

Until now!

You CAN get your items perfectly clean and new looking, if you know the secrets!

Jewelry Cleaning Secrets

There are a few secrets to getting your items blinging… Let me go over the steps (1-10). Plus, I’ll also give you a great infographic that you can PIN on PINTERST! (Please do)

Here we go…

1) Buy a Jewelry Cleaner!

First off, buy yourself a Jewelry Cleaner. It really doesn’t matter what type either. It can be an expensive Commercial Cleaner, it can be a Cheap Home Cleaner, it can even be one of those dainty little Travel Sized Cleaners. The point is: pick up a cleaner!

Cleaners will vibrate the dirt and debris off your Diamonds and Gems (through ultra-sonic sound waves) and make them clean again.

2) Mr. Clean does the Job!

Grab a bottle of Mr. Clean (what I use), or even a bottle of Ammonia. This is the main ingredient that will help remove the dirt from your valuables.

3) Is it Dawn?

You’ll also need one last ingredient: Dawn Dish Soap, or really any dish soap will do. You’ll need just a squirt or two.

4) Mix the Formula

In your Cleaner put in about 1 Part Mr. Clean, 1 or 2 Squirts of Dish Soap, and 7 Parts HOT water!

And when I say “HOT” I mean Hot. HOT-HOT like Coffee Hot, but NOT boiling HOT! (boiling hot could crack your stones)

Mix the home-made Jewelry Cleaner Solution up and you’re good to go.

5) Turn the Machine on

Now grab a kitchen timer, or set the timer on the Jewelry Cleaner if it has one. You’ll want to clean them for at least 3 minutes. If the items are really dirty, leave them in longer, like 5-20 minutes.

And while we’re talking about putting your items in the cleaner… do note that there are Gemstones and even Diamonds that are NOT supposed to go in the cleaner! Some stones are heat treated, enhanced, or weak and putting them in vibrating hot water could harm them or damage them.


These are the stones (and metals) that you should NOT put in Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners (you’ll want to clean these items by hand)…

  • Opals
  • Pearls
  • Emeralds
  • Tanzanites
  • Tourmalines
  • Peridot
  • Malachite
  • Agates
  • Onyx
  • Black or Dyed Pearls
  • Chocolate Pearls
  • Fracture Filled Diamonds
  • Synthetic Stones
  • Black Opals
  • Mosaic Opals
  • Marcasite
  • Turquoise
  • Jade
  • Amber
  • Lapis
  • Mother of Pearl
  • Coral
  • Colored Diamonds
  • Malachite
  • Fresh Water Pearls
  • Costume Jewelry
  • Diamonds with lots of Inclusions
  • Copper Plated Jewelry
  • Opal Doublets or Triplets
  • Tungsten

6) Brush UP!

Now, grab a soft toothbrush, or the brush that came with the cleaner (if any), and getting it wet, gently dab at the Jewelry. Clean underneath the Gemstones where they get the dirtiest. Clean in the crevices and cracks and around the prongs.


Be Careful when you’re lightly scrubbing, because you don’t want to get the bristles caught on the prongs and snag them. If you push too hard or scrub too fast you could loosen your stones and even make them pop out of the setting.

Gently dab at them to remove any excess debris.

Check your Stones!

While you’re at it… Check your stones to make sure they are tight. Sometimes cleaning Jewelry loosens stones that are held in by just dirt. It happens! Check them after you clean them to make sure they don’t rock or spin in the head or prongs.

Use you fingernail and carefully see if the stones rotate in the mounting. (Careful Careful – you don’t want to loosen them in the process) Then grab a pair of tweezers and slightly push down on the top of the stone. See if it wiggles or tilts (look for the light reflecting off the surface).

If your stones are loose or wobble, take the items into a Jewelry Store and have them tighten them. Otherwise, you’ll end up losing your stone. Better safe than sorry!

7) Rinse and Repeat!

Now that your goods are clean, rinse them off under the tap using hot-warm water. Make sure you have the drain in so you don’t lose them down the pipe! That’s not good!

Rinse off any ammonia or dish soap that may be clinging to the stones. If the pieces still look dirty (you can always use a 10x Jewelers Loupe to double check), then repeat the process of cleaning them.

Or, you could always go one step further and invest in a home-use Jewelry Steam Cleaner! They work great and really make your Diamonds look brand new!

8) Pat Dry

Dry your items carefully with a paper towel. Dab up any water and then leave them air dry the rest of the way.

9) Clean the Cleaner!

Don’t forget to clean the Jewelry Cleaner out! You don’t want to keep the solution, just dump it down the drain (make sure you don’t have any loose stones in the tank). Clean out the chamber so it’s good, clean and dry. It will keep your machine running smoothly and efficiently.


10) Clean Often!

Clean your Jewelry at least once a week! This will keep them ultra clean and sparkling like crazy!

Cleaning them often keeps dirt and debris from building up and it will always keep your stones looking brand new.


Here’s a great Image that goes over the entire process from start to finish!

Please PIN it on Pinterest if you like it. I’m sure others would love to know the true secrets to Clean Jewelry as well!

Enjoy! :)

Jewelry Cleaning 101

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