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Jewelry Polishing Mitt Glove

Bling Bling!

If your rings and diamonds and Gems don’t bling, what good are they?

I’m a big fan of keeping your jewelry clean and polished up.

Brand new looking.

For the cleaner a diamond is, the better it will sparkle like crazy.

So I always advise cleaning your items with jewelry polishing cloths (with rouge), and using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Just like the pros use.

But, using a rouge polishing cloth is always a pain, and that’s because you get black rouge all over your fingers and hands. Sure it makes the gold and metal shiny, removes tarnish and light scratches, but still….

Isn’t there something better?

Yes, yes there is. With these new jewelry polishing gloves. Mitts as they call them, you can slip them over your hands and polish your jewelry the easy way. Gloves keep your fingers, and nails, from turning black. It polishes up the metal, brings out the shine, buffs them up like all the other cloths. Just with less mess.

Take a peek…

Jewelry Polishing Glove Mitt

It looks great.

I’m excited to try them. It could be a huge game changer at work, when I’m wearing a suit and don’t want my dress shirt black. :)

Try them yourself.

Get your jewelry polishing mitts here.

Cheers! :)

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Recommended Jewelry Supplies:

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  1. I bought one. The price for two was a little more than I wanted to spend on an experimental item at the moment.
    It came fairly quickly and seemed to be kind of like a two finger mitten, with the thumb and forefinger each separate from the other three fingers. The fabric of the mitten is good, durable polishing cloth, seems well impregnated with polishing compound, and is ambidextrous. The cuff of the mitten is like a gardening glove in some respects, soft, woven fabric that is nicely stretchy and wraps firmly around the wrist without constricting.
    I tried polishing a few rings, and as a polishing cloth goes, it did a fine job. But there doesn’t seem to be a way to make the fingertip size adjustable in any way, and it seems to be somewhat bulky and awkward to maneuver small items in your hand with the excess fabric. Definitely not made for someone with short, small, or slender fingers without possibly turning the mitten wrong side out and narrowing the size of the finger and thumb down a bit with a sewing machine. But that’s not something I would recommend that anyone try who wasn’t relatively proficient in sewing skills.
    The general results came out fine – the polishing cloth/compound worked nicely as far as producing a nice shine, and removing any fine scratches that were present. But, for someone without a larger hand, it may prove a little more than awkward to handle smaller items efficiently. Perhaps larger, bulkier pieces, such as watch cases, thicker chains that you can pull between the thumb and forefinger, large pendants, and especially bulky type men’s rings with a shape that isn’t strictly perfectly round and smooth so that they were easier to grip might be more successful with this mitt.
    Like I said, I haven’t tried it with one on each hand, just on one, and I ended up putting it on my right (dominant) hand, and actually polishing with that, and holding the item in the left hand with an older polishing cloth that was rather thin, to keep a grip on it, and to keep the black tarnish-laden polishing compound off my fingers. That seemed to help some, but with my narrow, slender fingers, was still a bit awkward.
    One thought that came to mind was to wear non-latex disposable gloves while handling a regular polishing cloth and jewelry item, which would allow any size polishing cloth to be used, get a good grip on the slippery jewelry while it’s being handled, and keep the polishing compound from turning your fingers, nails (and your dress shirts, Richard!) black from the tarnish that gets removed! It might be a bit awkward at first, in stripping the gloves off quickly when going to attend to a customer, but they can be replaced cheaply enough since you can buy them by the gross almost for a dime anymore, so if they get torn when you take them off quickly, it’s not a big deal. Then you can put them back on, pick up your polishing and tag-tucking and straightening routine, until the next one comes along.
    The other things that I thought these may be good at handling are those big Silver-plated pieces, like trays, pitchers and punch bowls when they need a good polish, but you don’t want to drag out all the supplies and equipment it takes to use those chemical “dips” that are supposed to take care of the tarnish in like 5 or 10 minutes. No muss, no fuss! No creams, liquids, lotions, potions or notions!
    I think overall, the mitt is a good idea. But perhaps if they were to be made available in two or even three sizes, that might help overcome the issue with the awkward handling of pieces with a glove that’s a bit too large for many folks. As it is, there will be large areas of the surface which won’t be used at all to polish jewelry, and it would be a shame to see more of the surface wasted than really necessary.

    • Great review Shari, I love the idea of wearing latex gloves underneath, because nothing polishes up jewelry better than rouge, but yes, rough leaves black crap on everything! :) Thanks for the input. -Richard

  2. Thanks! I appreciate the compliment. I did try to be thorough, and think things through outside that box!
    And I just did try the latex gloves approach – I’m not latex sensitive in spite of spending 15+ years of wearing them in my work in the Operating rooms! (One thing that doesn’t cause me issues! Oy!) But if you are, there are plenty of options available now. Auto parts stores usually sell them in boxes big enough to keep you stocked up for a good long time! They sell them for mechanics to use, so they come in a good range of sizes, and in more durable material than most. I get mine there a lot! (Being married to a mechanic for 40 years has lots of benefits!) Small sizes of course for me! I used them for cooking and cleaning chores until I figured this one out.
    It worked out nicely. Keeps the black off my fingers and were easy to put on and remove, and the latex surface gives a better grip while holding on to shiny, slick pieces! Give it a shot and see what you think! Just be sure to get a size that fits snugly on your fingers, because too loose and it’s awkward again! But, either way it keeps your shirt clean!

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