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Learn How To Get Free Ring Sizings

Ring sizings are not cheap.

With the price of gold and platinum today, getting your lady’s ring or gent’s ring sized could cost you a small fortune.

Expensive ring sizings:

Ring sizings used to be around $10-$15 a size in the 80’s. Now it’s probably closer to $50-$75… And that’s per ring size!

Yep, if it goes up 4 sizes, that’s a couple of hundred dollars.

Insane? Yes! But when you factor in the cost of gold, plus the cost of a good jeweler (Which is a talented trade that takes years to master), you’ll see that it’s not cheap. I’ve seen prices double in just the last 12 years.

So get these sizings for FREE!

Use the ring sizing as a bargaining chip. You see most jewelers will offer you the first sizing (that’s usually only up to 2 sizes though) for free anyways. But that’s only if you bought the rings from them.

It doesn’t help you if you have fat healthy fingers or need a size 14. Anything in a size 9 for ladies and a size 13 for men is considered large.

You’ll be paying big bucks for those sizings.

So when you’re working out a ring sale with the jeweler, always bring that up. Say “Does that price include the ring sizing?

Most salespeople will jump at the opportunity and say “Yes!” It’s almost flawless. Keep in mind, some jewelers only offer those 2 free ring sizes for regularly sale priced merchandise, not closeouts or blue-light specials. They offer no free sizings for those deals and may even charge you extra for them.

So always try to get the jeweler to toss in the ring sizings for free.

Use the ESP:

One of the best ways to get free ring sizings is to buy a jewelry extended service plan (E.S.P.) at the time of purchase.

E.S.P. plans will cover the cost of sizings. Most will cover them for a lifetime of free sizings, and that’s a lot of money saved.

And, if you’re a really smooth talker, sometimes you can get the jeweler to throw in the E.S.P. for free as well! If you’re spending thousands on a diamond engagement ring, little things like that can help sweeten the deal.

Trade towards a sizing:

And the last thing you can do to get a free ring sizing, is to trade in some scrap gold towards it.

Really! Lots of people have left over scrap pieces and parts of jewelry that’s either bent or broken, missing stones, squished or just plain old or ugly.

Give these scraps to the jeweler. Have them weight the gold and use the value towards your ring sizing. Exchanging scrap gold for jewelry repairs is a smart thing to do. Sell your junk jewelry for cash.

See, now you know. Wheeling and dealing is a great way to get a free ring sizings.

Cheers! :)

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