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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Let Her Pick The Engagement Ring Mounting

This really is the Best Advice I could ever give for Guys Shopping for an Engagement Ring

“Let Her Pick The Mounting!”

To do that, you’ll need to Purchase the Classic Tiffany Style Ring (see picture), which is usually the Default Mounting anyway.

I give this Advice for a Couple of Great Reasons. It all comes down to these Main Key Points:

  • It keeps the Proposal a Secret
  • You can Concentrate on the Diamond
  • She gets to Choose the Ring she Wants

It really is a Win-Win Scenario!

So let’s take a Closer Look…

It keeps the Proposal a Secret!

Keeping the Proposal a Secret is HUGE!

Women want 2 things that totally Contradict each other.

1) They Want that Awesome “Ring Surprise

2) They want to Pick out their Engagement Ring

The Funny Thing is, you can’t have Both! Either it’s a Surprise or it’s NOT!

But, if you were to take a Poll, I’m sure that Most Women would Want the Initial Surprise. They want to be Swept off their Feet and have the Ultimate Fairy Tale Proposal Moment.

Women Live for this.

They Dream about it

You can’t Deny them that Romantic Moment.

That’s why Guys shouldn’t Worry about the Actual Mounting Now. Buy her a Diamond and have it Set in the Standard Mounting: A Thin Tiffany Style Ring. This takes the Heat and Pressure off you. And more Importantly, it allows you to Concentrate on the Center Stone. The Showpiece. The Diamond!

When you don’t have to Worry about Styles or Mountings and Metals; Pave Set Versus Invisible Set or Bezel Set versus Tension Set, you can totally Focus all of your Energy on one thing:

Picking the Perfect Diamond!

Picking the Diamond is the Hardest Part of the Process. This is the Part that Most Women DO NOT Want to Do. Women just want a Big, Beautiful Shiny Diamond. Easy as that.

It’s up to the Man to make Sure she gets it, and gets GOOD Quality!

Guys have to Study the 4C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight. They should look at Certification and Diamond Inscriptions (which is all Explained in my Diamond Crash Coursethe Perfect Guide for Buying a Diamond!)

Women don’t Want to get all Technical (Usually). That’s Not Romantic or Dreamy. They just want to get Lost in the Brilliance and Sparkle.

So, take my Advice and Don’t Worry about the Mounting. A Classic Thin Band is Perfect for any Solitaire Diamond regardless of Shape or Size.

She gets the Ring she Wants!

Women are Picky when it comes to Mountings. And, you won’t know if she truly Loves the Ring unless she Picks it out herself.

I can’t tell you how many times Ladies Whisper to me “He Picked me out an UGLY Ring!” And what’s Sad is they don’t have the Heart to tell him. They’re Stuck with this UGLY Ring the Rest of their Lives. :(

Believe me, it’s True!

Most men don’t have a Clue when it comes to Picking out Styles of Women’s Jewelry!

Let HER do it!

Let your Fiancee Pick out her own Ring.

It’s Easy to do. Buy the Classic Tiffany Style Engagement Ring. Don’t even get it Sized. Just leave everything Default.

Give her the Ring with your Awesome Diamond and Awesome Proposal.

Tell her the Mounting is the Classic Style, but if she chooses she can go to the Jewelry Store with you to Pick out a Different Mounting, Band or Wedding Set, anything she likes. A Good Portion of Women are Fine with the Classic Ring, but some will want to Add Some Pizzazz or Style or BLING! Not a Problem.

She’ll have Fun with this

Personally my Favorite Mounting IS the Classic Style Tiffany Ring. It shows off the Diamond Better than any Mounting out there. I Love it for its Simplicity! But I don’t have to Wear it. :)

This will be up to her. She’ll Enjoy looking at all the Different Mountings. She doesn’t have to Worry about Quality or Microscoping Diamonds, you’ve already done that. Her Job is to only look at Rings and Styles and Pick out the one she Wants.

Then all that Needs to be Done is for the Jeweler to Swap out the Mountings. Have the Diamond you Bought Reset into her New Ring and get it Sized. It’s Quick and Painless.

Bottom Line

Doing it this way Keeps the Proposal a Secret, and it gives her the Ring she Wants.

Trust me, she’ll be Very Happy doing this. She gets the Surprise of a Lifetime and she still gets her Input.


It really is a Fairy Tale Ending!

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