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Light-Up Jewelers Loupe Review

It’s Lit!

I ordered this loupe from Amazon because I wanted to see if it really worked

I was not disappointed!

So here is my review of the 10x triplet LED illuminated jeweler’s loupe… (As sold here on Amazon)

First off, if you read any of my posts here, you’ll see that I’m a huge fan of the Belomo 10x Loupe. In fact, I say that it’s the best loupe money can buy (because of the viewing area, the optic properties, and the distortion correction)…


How does it stack up to this illuminated light? Well…

I love it just as much!

I didn’t realize what adding light to a magnified world would do (even though I should have known, for I use a gem microscope daily). I was amazed. Truly. It’s so much more effective than regular handheld loupes.

Light is everything!

This particular loupe has a 21mm optic lens that automatically corrects for a good viewing field, with just a slight warping around the edges (as all macro lenses have). You get a little fish-eye effect, which is normal in up-close magnification and photography.

This is what comes in the package:

The light-up loupe comes with a leather carrying case, and a tool that opens up the battery case.

Light-Up Jewelers Loupe Unboxed

Do note that this loupe holds 3 batteries to operate the powerful lights.

See image below…

Light-Up Loupe Battery

(AG7 converts to Cell #395, #LR927 or #SR927SWso stock up!)

Now onto the good stuff…

I used 4 pieces of jewelry as a comparison; 2 watches, a diamond earring, and a wood inlay ring.

Jewelry Used In LED Loupe Review

I tried to get the same images using both my Belomo loupe and the light-up loupe.

It was NOT easy!!!

I literally had to rubber band it to my iPhone 8 (aligning it with the camera lens), and using that to snap the photos.

It was the best way that I knew to illustrate the differences between the two loupes.

It’s still not an accurate representation!

The problem I ran into was this;

The focal length!

Usually you hold a loupe right up to your eye to focus on the item. But with the iPhone, I couldn’t do that. I had to move back a couple of inches for the camera to focus onto the jewelry. And moving back gave more blind spots (out of focus areas), and it also allowed more of the LED lights to blur and reflect off the jewelry. It was difficult to mimic the way that the eye sees them. Jewelry is shiny and highly reflective as it is, and under magnification it was a definite challenge.

I did the best that I could.

On the left side is my trusty Belomo loupe and the images it took. On the right side, the light-up LED loupe and those images.

Compare the pictures below:

Light-Up Loupe Jewelry Review Photos

So here’s my take…

The images look pretty similar, yes. But up to your eye, the light makes a world of difference. It makes the objects much easier to see, makes the colors and details jump out, and it absolutely makes the diamond come to life!

Diamond Under Light-Up Loupe

Up-close, this diamond was jaw-dropping!

It blew me away!

I couldn’t believe how much more the diamond popped with light. It showed off the beauty and the sparkle, and it made it so much easier to inspect any imperfections in the stone.

So would I recommend this loupe?

Hell YES!

The lights are magnificent. Especially in low-light scenarios. And if your eyesight is poor, or you require more light to see or read, then you’ll love this loupe.

Buy the loupe, it’s inexpensive (under $20 at the time of this post), but it really works. And once you view your diamonds… you’ll love them even more!

Get this 10x light-up LED jeweler’s loupe here at Amazon.

It’s worth every penny.

Cheers! :)

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