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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Magic Diamond Carat Weight Sizes


Yes, as in the price magically jumps once you hit those milestone carat weights…

But first…

What are milestone carat weights?

Main weights, or popular weights, are the standards that make understanding weights easy.

To explain this, think about money

You can make change for a one dollar bill with coins. These denominations are standard exchanges: 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents… They are the staples of currency. People know how to use them, count them, divide them up… how many “quarters” are in a buck.

With Diamonds, it Breaks Down the Same Way:

1 carat is 4 quarters (1/4), each quarter being .25 carat each. A half carat is .50 carat. 3/4 is .75 carat. And so on…

The most common carat weights, fractions, are what the markers or milestone numbers are. It makes identifying weights a breeze.

Magic Diamond Carat Weights

These digits are “magic” sizes. And once you hit, or cross those equations, the price increases. Which is why staying below that line, can save you lots of money.

Understand that these “magic” diamond carat weights, are not exact weights either. There are about 7 points leeway (up or down), where a diamond can still be considered a certain weight.

For Example:

A half carat diamond can be anywhere between .43 carat and .57 carat (7 points up or down from .50 carat). If you look at the back of any jeweler’s catalog, you’ll probably see a carat weight reference chart explaining their carat weight variances.

These slightly smaller carat weights are called “light carat weights“. Lighter than the milestone marker.

And this is great because…

A .43 carat diamond is generally going to be cheaper than a .50 carat diamond, even though they are both still considered half carats.

Light Half Carat Diamonds

You see the price difference in these diamonds???

.50, SI1, G, EXCELLENT, NONE $1,380 VIEW

And once you get into bigger carat weights, like 1 carats (from .93-1.07), then you really start to notice the price increase:

1 Carat Light Carat Weights

.93, SI1, F, EXCELLENT, NONE $4,450 VIEW
1.00, SI1, F, EXCELLENT, NONE $6,400 VIEW

That’s a 2 Grand Difference!

This process of buying slightly smaller is given a name in the industry:

It’s called “Buying Shy”

And it’s a great way to save money on an engagement ring.

The best part of all of this is the fact that just a couple of points smaller is normally not visible to the eye. They’ll look the same!

Which is Awesome!

So while most people tend to think of diamonds in “magic” sizes, the popular percentages… What you should really do is make some of that price tag disappear!

You know, by “magic”

Check out these light carat weights here at James Allen, and you’ll really see the sparkle.

“POOF” More Money in your Pocketbook!

Because everyone likes to save some dough, magic or not!

Cheers! :)

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