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Do Moonstones Heal the Body?

I’ve had long conversations over the years with customers about gemstones, moonstones and their natural ability to heal.
It’s fascinating what some people say.

One customer told me “I carry a moonstone in my pocket for good luck.

Another said “I wear a moonstone pendant over my heart and it wards off evil.

Still others have say that it “relieves stress” and it makes them “confident and happy” and even “It cured my headaches and nose bleeds.” Oh really?

So what is the deal with Moonstones? Can they cure the aches and pains of the human body like some people say? Is there any truth to those claims?

Moonstones cure and heal the body?

The list of moonstone so-called claims is long and impressive. Here’s what ailments and pains moonstones cure… Plus other things that moonstones are used for, like their awesome healing powers and spiritual powers. Enjoy the list.

Moonstone Healing Powers

  • Balance Yin/Yang
  • Relieves Stress & Anxiety
  • Helps with Vision
  • Cures Cramps
  • Helps Menopause
  • Gives Flexibility
  • Works with your Hormones
  • Builds Endurance
  • Regenerates Tissues & Organs
  • Gives Confidence
  • Helps with Composure
  • Allows good Decisions
  • Balances Emotions
  • Gives Rejuvenation
  • Enhances Perception
  • Removes Disorders in the Body
  • Gives Psychic Abilities
  • Softens Anger
  • Protection while Traveling
  • Fosters Happiness
  • Gives you Gracefulness
  • Brings Good Fortune
  • Allows Spiritual Insight
  • Sends Ancient Wisdom
  • Safe Travel on Water
  • Eases Child Birth
  • Gives your Heart & Soul Hope
  • Brings Abundance
  • Absorbs Pain & Illness
  • Heals the Stomach
  • Aids your Lymph Glands
  • Promotes good Digestion
  • Helps fight Epilepsy
  • Opens Emotions
  • Cures Sun Stroke
  • Stops Nose Bleeds
  • Gets Rid of Headaches
  • Calms the Soul
  • Allows Inner Change
  • Brings Success
  • Eliminates Toxins
  • Helps Skin, Hair & Eyes
  • Works with Pancreas & Liver
  • Stimulates Pineal Gland
  • Helps Conception
  • Brings forth Emotions
  • Arouses Passion
  • Unlocks Feelings
  • Excellent for PMS
  • Helps Judgment
  • Strengthens Your Dreams
  • Conquer your Challenges
  • Brings Luck
  • Gives you Inner Strength
  • Cleanses the Soul
  • Gives you Energy
  • Wards off Evil
  • Helps Creativity
  • Brings Compassion
  • Protects against Nightmares
  • Cures Ailments
  • Controls Emotions
  • Gives Balance
  • Alleviates Degeneration
  • Brings Tranquility
  • Gives Harmony
  • Strengthens Telepathy
  • Inner Growth & Rebirth

Now that’s some list.

All this from a moonstone?

It must be one special rock.

Does it really come from the moon?

Let’s find out…

What is a moonstone?

Moonstones come from a large group of rocks and minerals called feldspars. They are mined all over the world in places like: Sri Lanka, India, Mexico, Tanzania, USA, Brazil, Australia, Madagascar, Germany, Myanmar, and even the European Alps.


The cool thing about moonstones is that they always look different. Their body tone is opalescent, with either blue, white or silver sheens of light emanating from their shiny surfaces. They almost shine bright and glow like the moon. Hence why their radiance and beautiful play of light has always been linked directly to the moon. Or more accurately, the moon goddess “Artemis”.

This sacred stone has a strong link to women and nature as well. Its nurturing abilities have always stood for “mother earth“. Its mothering and child bearing and emotional ties are deep and strong.

Light Phenomenon:

The light phenomenon that glows from the moonstone is called “adularescence“. The way that it reflects back light rays (schillers) has always brought with it great mystery, magic and protection.

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Why do some people bury moonstones with their corn?


Now that you know what moonstones cure, let’s continue with what moonstones are associated with…


Moonstone’s mother earth qualities have been associated with gardening, watering, and planting. Some even go so far as to bury the moonstone in the dirt. Nature, cycles, and fertilization are not the only thing linked to moonstones…

Inner Psyche:

The inner psyche uses the powers of the moonstone also. Intuitive people use them as divine tools and keep them with tarot cards, crystal balls and runes (a lot of runes are actually carved out of moonstones). The stones are strong with the earth and linked to the moon which heightens awareness and allows protection at night and on sea (wear it on cruises).

Popular Gifts:

These reasons have made this stone a popular gift for lovers, sailors, swimmers, coast guards, pregnant women, people that want natural healing, People with birthdays in June (since moonstone is an alternate for the June birthstone). People with a green thumb (gardeners, farmers) psychics, fortune tellers, people who like to meditate, massage therapists (moonstones are great for rock massages).


Chakra? You bet.

Moonstones are also used for chakra (the third eye chakra, which is an energy point above the eyebrows (forehead). Third eye chakra is also knows as the brow chakra, it’s the 6th chakra and is meant to cleanse the soul).

Besides that, other people use moonstones like: business people (helps with success and business matters), artists (creativity). It’s great for doctors, nurses, technicians and health care employees (aids in compassion and emotion). And last but not least, it’s a great gift for the zodiac signs of cancer, scorpio and pisces (since it’s linked to the moon).

Not only is the moonstone a great gift to buy, but moonstones come in a wide variety of stunning colors and transparencies as well.

Wonderful Moonstone Colors include:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Smoky
  • Black
  • Champagne
  • Cream
  • Peach
  • Red

The most expensive and valuable moonstone color is deep blue.

You can also find some cool moonstones that are carved, etched, some are made into cameos, other moonstones even have light ray effects on them like stars and cat’s eye.

Moonstone Hardness:

Moonstones are rated a 6-6.5 on the MOH’s scale of hardness. Which means it’s about the same hardness and durability as pyrite (or fool’s gold). This Hardness means that moonstones can be scratched easily. Everyday use will show signs of wear and tear. The good thing is, when your moonstone begins to dull up and lose its beautiful shine, you can always have a jeweler re-polish it again to make it look brand new (always a cool feature).

A lot of moonstones are kept in the pocket and used as worry stones or worry rocks. These are stones that you can gently rub with your thumb to relieve stress or tension throughout the day.

So now that you know what a moonstone is, and what it’s used for, the big question still remains:

Will Moonstones Cure Aches and Body Pains?

If you listen to my customers, I’d say yes. But then again, people will always believe what they want to believe. There’s zero proof or evidence in their cures. No one knows if any of these stones really work. But there’s also no science that says they don’t either… It’s just one of those things you’ll have to test for yourself.

If it works and gives you divine intervention, then who am I to say you’re nuts?

No matter what, it’ll always make for some beautiful jewelry, pendants, rings, and earrings.

Maybe the moonshine glimmer and intense color will make you happy and fortunate too…

And then again, maybe it won’t.

Try it out for yourself; moonstone jewelry, and let me know in the comments below.

Cheers! :)

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