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The Most Popular Diamond Shapes

Interested in buying a diamond?

Want to know what the most popular cuts are?

What shapes of diamond are the best sellers?


That’s what I’m doing today… Talking about the hot and now.

Because trends change…

What’s popular today may be different 10 years down the road (just like trilliant cuts).

Crazy, cool cuts may be out of style soon, but, on the other hand, fancy cuts (every cut of diamond other than the round brilliant cut), are cheaper than rounds, and they also face up much bigger.

So there’s a lot to be said about getting something different and unique.

The round brilliant cut diamond may be the #1 cut in America, but there are many more great options to consider.

So here they are…

The most popular diamond shapes on the market today…

  1. Round Brilliant Cut
  2. Princess Cut
  3. Emerald Cut
  4. Square (Asscher Cut)
  5. Oval Cut
  6. Radiant Cut
  7. Pear Cut
  8. Heart Shaped
  9. Marquise Cut
  10. Cushion Cut

Now let’s take a closer look…

1) Round Brilliant Cut

The round brilliant cut diamond is symmetrical and ideal.

It looks great on any finger, and any setting. Plus, they have no sharp edges to get caught or snagged. It’s the easiest shape to wear.

With an arrangement of facets that maximize the brilliance and sparkle in any round diamond, this cut, with 58 facets, is the ultimate stone with a traditional classic appeal, that never goes out of style.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Shapes

2) Princess Cut

Quickly following on the brilliant cut’s heels are the princess cuts (cut for your little princess no doubt).

Being either square or rectangular in shape, these cuts are actually modified brilliant cuts (as most fancy cuts are – brilliant cutting style on the pavilion to enhance sparkle), and it really makes it light up and dance in your eyes.

With 57 facets and a gigantic display, this cut quickly surpassed all other square cuts for popularity.

P.S. Make sure you get v-tipped prongs, versus regular round prongs, so the edges are protected and defined. (see image below)

Princess Cut Diamond Shapes

3) Emerald Cut

Emerald cut diamonds are truly magnificent and striking.

Sadly, with few facets and few brilliance, you’ll need an awfully clean (very high clarity, like VS+) diamond in order to not notice the flaws in the stone. Sparkle helps hide inclusions, so without it, they tend to stand out like a sore thumb.

With straight, parallel lines and diagonal corners, the emerald cut is an older step cut style that’s stunning and sleek.

Check out some emerald cuts here:

Emerald Cut Diamond Shapes

4) Square (Asscher Cut)

Asscher cuts are a lot like emerald cuts, but usually more square in shape with a starburst base. They have high crowns, deep pavilions, and very wide corners.

Square cut stones always look wonderful in any engagement ring, but you’ll need a high quality stone, otherwise, the imperfections may be obvious (if you buy a diamond of at least SI1 clarity, you’ll need a 10x jeweler’s loupe to see the flaws).

Square Asscher Cut Diamond Shapes

5) Oval Cut

I love oval cuts. They are just like round stones, but elongated and beautiful.

With elegant curves, triangular facets, and a big over-all appearance, ovals have always been popular and appealing.

Clean, classy, and smooth, you can’t go wrong with ovals.

Oval Cut Diamond Shapes

6) Radiant Cut

Radiant cuts are square cut stones that have 70 facets on them and are a proprietary name for cushion cuts.

They look great in any mounting, and are just different enough to make your engagement ring unique and stand out.

Plus, they’re usually 20-30% cheaper than round cut stones of the same exact quality.


Radiant Cut Diamond Shapes

7) Pear Cut

Pear cuts are a combination of a round diamond and a marquise diamond all rolled into one.

Rounded at one end, and pointed at the other (also called tear dropped), these stunning cuts look great (wear the point down your fingers; towards your nails), because they make your fingers look longer and they still contain all the brilliance and sparkle of a round.

With 56-58 facets, these pear cuts will always look flawless and fashionable.

Pear Cut Diamond Shapes

8) Heart Shaped

The heart shaped diamond is not for everyone.

Some find hearts cheesy, others find them ultra-romantic. To each their own.

The heart is a beautiful cut that has a lot of sparkle and pizzazz.

With 56 facets and a shield-shaped culet, these modified brilliant cuts are cool, full of life, and always make an impact.

Plus, we all <3 diamonds! Right?

Heart Cut Diamond Shapes

9) Marquise Cut

There is no longer cut of diamond than the marquise cut (which looks like the classic diamond on a playing card, as well as a boat or a standard “non-deflatedfootball).

Developed way back in 1740, these popular stones have curvy sides and pointed ends (some call them panty-hose rippers).

And, just like the princess cut and pear cut, protect those vulnerable points with v-tipped prongs. :)

Marquise Cut Diamond Shapes

10) Cushion Cut

The cushion cut is not only gaining in popularity, but they are also one of my favorite cuts of diamond.

A rounded off square stone (or rectangular) that’s easy on the eyes, fingers, and full of brilliance, sparkle and fire as well.

Cushion cuts are one of those cuts of diamond that look big, but they also tend to run cheaper than rounds.

If you look good, you can find some really kick-ass deals (like these 1.50 VS1 carat diamonds for just $7,000) :)

They look amazing!

Take a peek at some beautiful cushion cuts here:

Cushion Cut Diamond Shapes

There you go…

Those are the top ten diamond cuts in the U.S.A.

To get some great deals on these cuts, head on over to James Allen (and make sure you sort the diamonds, lowest price first). They have great diamonds that you can view at 10x magnification (the real stones and not some fake sample photos), and the prices are as low as you can go (they have very little overhead).


What shape will you choose?

Let me know in the comments below…

Cheers! :)

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