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Prepare Your Wedding Rings for the Wedding Day

The Big Day is Coming…

If you’re Getting Married, you’re going to HAVE to get your Wedding Rings Ready!

You Do Want them to look Perfect for the Big Day!
Especially if you’re getting your Rings Photographed for your Wedding Album!

Get your Rings Sized to Fit

One thing that many new Brides-To-Be don’t know is this:

Your Rings Don’t FIT!

Your Engagement Ring may Fit you now, but once you Add in your Wedding Ring, they probably WON’T FIT!

Chances are Very Good they will Not Fit!


You DON’T Want to find this out at the Alter…

This happens because you’re Doubling the Width of the Rings on your Finger. They take up more Space so they will have to be Sized up at least 1/4 Size or 1/2 Size Larger to Fit.

It really Depends on the Width of your Actual Set and how you want them to Feel. Your Jeweler can help you out with this.

Soldering the Rings Together

If you’re getting your Rings Soldered together as one, the Jeweler can do this at the same time as they Size your Rings up.

Just make sure you get BOTH Rings Sized Up, this way they will Fit Good together, don’t leave any Gaps, and don’t Overlap each other. Plus, Soldering them together also keeps the Rings from Wearing Down since they aren’t Rubbing against each other.

Get your Rings Polished up

Even if your Rings Fit Fine and don’t need to be Sized or Altered, what ever you do, get them Polished!

So many women Forget this little Task, but it makes such a Huge Impact on how the Rings look.

The last thing that you want to do is to Wear a Ring on your Wedding Day that’s Dull, Scratched up and Worn. :(

Have your Jeweler Buff and Polish your Rings up and at the same time, give them a Good Inspection to Check for Cracks, Chips, Broken Prongs or Problems with the Mounting.

Better Safe than Sorry!

It’s Wise to have all this done at least a Week Before the Wedding Just in Case you need some Work Done to them. You Never Know. :)

This way your Wedding Rings will be Crisp and Clean and ready to go when you Walk down the Isle and say “I DO“.

You want them to be just as Gorgeous as you are for your Close-ups, Friends and Family…

And of course the Photographer!


…Save me some Wedding Cake! :)

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  1. I have reminded several family member and friends “brides-to-be” of this before, and you’re right! Not one of them thought about having it done because they were so wrapped up and buried in all the other pre-wedding tasks to even consider it!

    And, one who had been engaged for almost two years thanked me profusely after she took her engagement and wedding rings in together to get exactly that done at my suggestion, and the jeweler found one of the prongs on her main diamond had been damaged and cracked, and was about ready to fall off! There was just enough time to get it repaired, and all polished and shined up before her big day!

    She said when she got her engagement ring back from the jeweler, she barely recognized it as the same ring, it was so shiny, clean, sparkling and new looking! The diamond was once again not just clean and gleaming, but SAFE again in its mounting.

    That’s what I love about going to pick up one of my rings from the jeweler – they ALWAYS give it back to me looking so much better than it was when I left it there with them. It’s not only been repaired, or resized or rhodium replated, whatever it was I asked them to do, but it’s been professionally cleaned in their heated ultrasonic tank, after being buffed and polished up to look like it could have just come out of their display case. There’s just nothing quite like the feeling of walking out of the store with a “new” looking ring glittering away on your finger in the sunlight.

    I can do much of it myself at home, with the polishing, antitarnish buffing cream (sunshine jewelry cleaner), and the two-step polishing cloth (the Blitz cloth you recommended on here – I bought two!) and my small ultrasonic tank that starts out hot, but somehow, those professional buffing wheels and a hot tank ultrasonic soak always seems to go one step better.

    (They used to use something called SpeedBrite, but stopped some time ago in favor of something else – I forget right now what it is.)

    Some combination of those processes usually render good results, but just can’t beat the professional job!

    Nothing like walking down the aisle – and back up it again! – with a glittering, sparkling ring on your finger with which to start your new life together! Once all the party-goers have gone home, the wedding presents have been put to use (or put away!), the Thank You notes have all been written and mailed out, the dress it took months to find is packed away in a box, the photos are tucked away in an album, and life has returned to something approaching normal, you have ONE thing left over to remind you of that special day and that special person, when he isn’t immediately handy and visible, and that’s your rings! And they deserve the best care you can give them, because under average circumstances, they will be there the rest of your life! We hope!

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