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purple sapphire jewelry


As many of us know, Sapphire (the Official Birthstone for September) is BLUE.

At least that’s the Most Common Color.

But some also know that Sapphire comes in just about every color of the Rainbow (except for Red. When it’s Red, it’s called a RUBY). There are many Pink Sapphires and Yellow Sapphires on the Market, and they sell just fine. And, for a time being, >Rainbow Colored Sapphire Jewelry (all the Different Colors in one item at the same time), was Pretty Prevalent in Jewelers…

But now, there’s something NEW

Purple Sapphires!

Yes, Purple in Sapphires is a Natural Color and Abundant too… But it hasn’t been utilized like it should because it so resembles Amethyst (the Birthstone for February).

Now, stores like Helzberg, are taking advantage of this Beautiful Purple Color

And for Good Reason

Take a look at them…

purple sapphire jewelry

See… Pretty Stunning!

Women LOVE Purple, and these New Styles are Incredible. It’s a Great Stone to Wear (More Durable than Amethyst), and it will make a Great Gift for Anybody and Everybody…

Especially with Christmas coming.

So if you want something Unique, Trendy, and Jaw-Dropping

Grab yourself a Purple Sapphire TODAY:

Cheers! :)

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