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Spinner Rings Of The 80s

You Spin me Round…

Spinner rings are not what they used to be.

Real (original) spinner rings were something totally different that what we see today.

You see, nowadays, spinner rings are two separate overlapping bands that rotate around each other (which is great for all those worry-warts and fidgety people, like me).

As seen here…

Modern Spinner Rings

Modern Spinner Rings

But real spinner rings used to be a band, with a post sticking up, that held spinning ornaments, like circles, dolphins, cz’s, flowers, charms and the such…

They spun around the post, usually two separate spinning items that could go in either direction like a helicopter.

And today, they’re virtually non-existent.

Well, almost.

You see, I’ve found ONE on the market today. Take a peek

Original Spinner Rings Of The 80s

A real spinner ring, where the circles spin like propellers, and trust me, you can really get those suckers spinning.

They were fun rings, although not very durable. They vanished like a fad (like the pet rock, mood rings, and the Mexican jumping bean).

Could this be a re-birth?

Only time will tell.

Get this ultra-cool spinner ring here (while it lasts).

Or grab yourself a modern spinner ring HERE.

Cheers! :)

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