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Sell Your Gold Website Review And Test

Have Gold?

Wanna sell? Good

Because people always have extra gold. Even you! Extra earrings, earring backs, rings; bent, broken, damaged, even gold teeth… Things that you’re not using or wearing…

So why not sell them?


I have sold tons of jewelry in the past (I keep buying more), and it usually goes to jewelers or pawn shops (that buy scrap gold). But I had never sold online

Until NOW!

I found this place called “Sell Your Gold” (through an tv ad) that does just that (and it was rated and reviewed #1 by NBC’s Today Show). Sell Your Gold allows you to discreetly send them your gold (they provide the prepaid shipping envelopes), get a quick quote back, and be able to make a decision to sell, or have your items returned at no cost to you.

There’s No Obligation

This company that I decided to review had been highly recommended, and the Today Show found that Sell Your Gold had the highest payouts of any competitors

Plus, they not only had a price match guarantee, but they give an extra 10% payout (if you find a higher quote elsewhere) and a 5% INITIAL BONUS.

I had to find out myself

So I rounded up all the jewelry I wasn’t wearing, separated them, weighed them, wrote everything down, even photo’d them:

Sell Your Gold Jewelry Items

And then I went to Sell Your Gold to get their FREE appraisal kit (You can get the kit, read it, look it over, and are under no obligation to send anything in or ever use it). All you do is input some basic info; name, address, email, and your kit is on the way.

Order Sell Your Gold Free Kit

They make it Easy…

You literally get an envelope in the mail with a booklet, info sheets (telling you what you can sell and what you can’t), poly bags, a fedex envelope and a fill-out form…

Sell Your Gold Free Appraisal Kit

It takes just a couple of minutes to jot everything down, throw your gold in the envelope (and the 5% BONUS postcard), and drop it off at the nearest fedex dealer (do note that you can only send one order at a time. Meaning, if you and your friend want to send in separate items, your friend will need to request a free kit themselves, otherwise, they will be combined and only one total given).

It couldn’t be Simpler

You can see from the items that I sent in, it was a variety of goods: 10k, 14k, even some items with small diamonds (which I knew weren’t worth much), and a ring with a chipped black onyx). I wanted to see how they broke everything down, and how much I got per karat.

So I packaged them up, sent them out, and eagerly waited for a reply.

Once they received my package a few days later (you can track it online), I got an email saying that my quote would be available within 24 hours. But when I logged in (you create an account to do this), I saw that it was already processed and the quote was there…

And trust me, I was quite SHOCKED at what I saw!

My quote came back as $1,541.25

(Way more than I ever imagined).

The one thing that I didn’t see though, was a break-down. They only had an “Accept My Offer” button (not even a decline button). To decline, you had to call them (I get that…)

Sell Your Gold Offer

So I called them (their phone number was next to my offer). They were kind enough to give me a rundown item by item, telling me what each and every piece was, and how much I was getting for them (along with my 5% bonus, of course).

I was happy with this, it really didn’t take me long to deliberate… (Which was weird, because I was just doing this to test their company, I had no real intention on selling… But it was too good to pass up.)

First though, I had to Double Check…

I went online and found some “Gold Quotes” that would give me an instant quote online (which can change drastically depending on the market, which changes daily, and the actual items; you won’t know the exact amount until they see and weigh your Gold… some jewelry items are stamped wrong (accidentally or purposefully), and some items may not even be real gold).

I went to Alexandria, input my info, and found similar gold pricing, so I knew I was in the right ballpark.

Happy with my quote (and the money I would make jewelry that was just sitting in my jewelry box), I accepted my offer, and got a check rom Sell Your Gold within a week (You can also request money by Paypal).

So are you Selling your Gold?

Before you do, here are a few pointers that I would highlight to anyone selling (no matter where, or whom you take it to).

  1. Use a 10x Jeweler’s Loupe to view all the karat stamps inside the pieces. Separate them by stamp (10k, 14k, 18k, Silver…)

  2. Buy yourself a Gold Tester Kit, just to verify the actual gold content. Some are plated, fake, stamped wrong… Test them to see what you’re sending in.

  3. Weigh your items (buy a cheap Gold scale, or take it to a jeweler to weigh). That way you can compare what they give you, the deals and pricing elsewhere, to see if you got a good quote, or got ripped off (ahem, misquoted).

  4. Understand that you’ll get nothing for any gemstones. NOTHING! Places like these, and really ALL places, pretty much buy GOLD ONLY. So Steel, Titanium, Tungsten and the like won’t be of any value. If you send them in, they’re worth nothing. Do note that they may give you some extra money for small diamonds (not much). And if you have bigger diamonds, then either remove those diamonds first, or take them to a jeweler to sell).

Selling your Gold is Easy…

The good thing is, everyone has some things that are worn down, damaged, tarnished… (Women always lose one earring) You might as well sign up for a free appraisal kit, and get some bucks (this helps buy MORE jewelry).

Sell Your Gold Website

So head on over to Sell Your Gold and order a FREE KIT RIGHT NOW.

It costs nothing, has no obligation, is safe, secure, and satisfaction is guaranteed!

Not Wearing it? Sell it!

Make some extra dough TODAY.

Cheers! :)

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Recommended Jewelry Supplies:

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Complete Jewelry Cleaner Kit Diamond Dazzle Stick
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Gold Acid Test Kit Watch Tool Repair Kit
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  1. Your review reads like you perhaps work for this company. Totally unbelievable; in other words, I don’t believe you. I don’t think you are truly consumer with no ties to this company and are preying on unsuspecting nitwits.

    • Sorry you feel that way, I don’t work for them. This review is 100% accurate and I documented everything step by step. I’m very thorough in all my reviews, and try to point out any weaknesses I can. Hopefully people can learn from this and not get themselves ripped off. -Richard

  2. This is such a joke!! I sent in a 21 diamond 1.75 carot diamond ring..they offered me $200!!! And then said the jewelry store marks it up and that’s the base price….seriously.?? You send your jewelry insured, but if you decline the quote, it’s sent back USPS., been waiting to get my jewelry back a week now.

    • Hi Kelly. Do realize that it’s a buy your “gold” program… not buy your “diamonds”. So the price they are giving you is for the metal only. If your ring has gemstones or diamonds in it, you’ll get nothing for those. Your best bet is to take your goods to a jeweler that does also buy back diamonds. If not, try to sell it on Craig’s list or ebay. Helzberg does a great job with buying gold. They offer fair prices for scrap metal, and that’s exactly what they advertise. I see no problems with them. -Richard

  3. Richard, Did you ever take a look at other gold/silver buying websites? If so what did you find? I Have over 10k worth of .999 pure silver bars and coins. My concern is if I don’t agree to their quote that I will have to pay for the shipping or worse not get it back and what to do about it! There is a big trust gap here.

    • Hi Steve. What I would recommend first, because of the dollar amount and concerns, are to seek out local stores first. Call the jewelers or pawn shops and coin dealers, and see if they are interested in buying. -Richard

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