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The Best Chains to Ever Buy
The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The 1 Minute Guide To Diamonds

Learn FAST!

For all you really need to know is the basics about diamonds. That way you can buy a great looking diamond, and not get ripped off.

Sure you could study for hours, you could scrutinize every dot, detail, facet and color, but why?

For if you can learn enough in just 60 seconds, then you can save yourself time and money.

And that’s just shopping smart.

So here we go…

Quick, efficient, and FUN.

1) Diamond Color:

Color is the easiest to judge; the diamond is either white or yellow (most people prefer white). White colors are D, E, F (pure white), and G, H (fine white). Choose one of them and your diamond will face up fine.

2) Diamond Clarity:

You can either see inclusions (which are flaws, black spots, dots, clouds, lines, cracks) in your stone, or you can’t. Generally included diamonds (I1, I2, I3) have easy to see imperfections. Any diamond higher than that (SI or higher) will have invisible flaws (only seen under 10x magnification). Those are the best grades to get. SI1 is the most popular clarity on Earth.

3) Diamond Carat Weight:

The average weight for a diamond ring is just .33 carats (1/3 carat). The “dream” carat weight is 1.00 carat. I would suggest buying a carat weight that suits your budget. 3/4 (.75 carats) or larger looks big on the finger.

4) Diamond Cut:

EASY! Go with “excellent” grades in cut (as well as polish and symmetry) to achieve a diamond that sparkles like crazy.

Excellent Diamond Grades In Cut

5) Certification:

Buy only GIA certified loose diamonds (AGS a close second). Skip everything else (EGL, IGI…)

6) Fluorescence:

NOPE! Make sure the diamond report says “none” under the fluorescence grade. Otherwise your stone could look odd, hazy or cloudy in natural light (regardless of the quality you choose).

7) Buy Shy:

If you buy a little less (1-7 points less) than the industry standards (which are 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, 1), then you’ll save hundreds of dollars and still get a stone that visually appears the same size.

Buy Shy And Save Money On Diamonds

8) Break the Weight up:

If you want a 1 carat diamond, break the weight up so that it totals 1 carat total weight. Meaning, don’t buy 1 stone, buy many. Go with a smaller center, that when combined with the mounting, still equals 1 carat (or whatever carat weight you desire).

Break The Diamond Carat Weight Up

9) Think Fancy:

Fancy cuts are every shape of diamond other than the round brilliant cut. And they are all cheaper! Pick up a princess, pear, radiant, cushion, emerald… and you will no doubt save yourself big bucks.

10) Shop Online:

There are 2 main diamond retailers online that I would highly recommend:

Their prices are low, and their selection and warranties can’t be beat. Compare them with any mall jewelry store and you’ll be blown away.

To Refresh…

The 1 Minute Guide To Buying Diamonds

In Conclusion:

When you put all these top 10 diamond tips together, you’ll end up with diamonds just like these:

And that’s one fast minute…

But still a ton of knowledge.

Cheers! :)

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