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The Seven Benefits Of A Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

Shopping for diamonds?

Trying to decide which shape to buy?

There are so many wonderful choices: round, princess, radiant, pear, cushion, heart, marquise, asscher, oval cut…

Which shape is the best to use?

The round, of course.

The round has many great benefits versus all the other fancy cuts.

Starting with…

1) Popularity

The round diamond is the most popular cut of diamond ever. It’s the go-to shape for almost all engagement rings. There’s an endless abundance of them. Which also means the prices are competitive, and it’s easy to compare apples to apples. Everyone jewelry store has them. No matter what quality you’re looking for.

2) Easy to wear

The round diamond has no sharp corners. Nothing to get caught or snagged (unlike the marquise and princess cut; they have sharp corners and points that feel like a weapon. Some women call them pantyhose rippers!)

Rounds are smooth, elegant, sophisticated, and safe.

3) Compatibility

Round diamonds can fit into almost every single type of ring ever invented. Just about. Whether it be a simple solitaire setting, tension setting, pave, 3 stone, 2 stone, a jacket or wrap, a ring of halo diamonds… The round always looks good, compliments any mounting, and really does work with all engagement rings, traditional, classic or modern.

4) Brilliance

Nothing else compares. The round brilliant cut diamond is the most brilliant diamond there is because it’s perfectly symmetrical, and has an even distribution of light.

It maximizes light exchange. It bounces light around the diamond to produce the best return of sparkle, brilliance, fire and scintillation ever possible. This light, this dazzling dance of beauty, is called the life of a diamond. And that’s why we love them.

5) Rounds Mask Flaws

The massive amount of brilliance also does one thing that’s awesome; it hides flaws. The light not only helps hide inclusions, but it also brightens the diamond, makes the diamond look bigger, and makes it look whiter as well.

Most flaws in a round diamond tend to disappear. They get hidden under the crown facets, they get covered up by the mounting or prongs, so unless the flaws are dead center or gigantic, you’d probably never even notice them. Plus, if you keep your diamond ultra-clean, that helps hide flaws too.

Other shapes of diamond have a bigger table area (window) and show flaws easier. And some cuts, like the emerald cut, baguette cut, or asscher cut diamond (which are step cut diamonds) show imperfections off like a bullseye. You can’t miss them.

6) Easy to Upgrade

Since the round diamond is the most popular shape, it also makes it the easiest shape to sell, pawn or upgrade. Every jeweler can use one or want one (depending on the quality, of course).

And since your mounting already held a round diamond, putting in a bigger one usually works out perfect. All they have to do is to put in a bigger head, and you’re back in business.

7) Cut Grade

GIA (The Gemological Institute of America; the founders of the 4C’s) gives only one shape of diamond an official cut grade. And that’s the round, if you didn’t know that by now.

The round is the only cut that gets one of these 5 cut grade ratings:

Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor.

Excellent is the best grade possible, but triple excellent (excellent grades in cut, polish, and symmetry) is the highest possible combination you could obtain. It’s the most perfectly cut diamond in the world. Often referred to as Hearts and Arrows;True Hearts” or “Astor Cuts“, these diamonds have the biggest return of light, and the best amount of sparkle ever achieve. They will knock your socks off.


These stunning hearts and arrows patterns can be viewed with a special hearts and arrows gemscope (which you can buy on Amazon).

Triple Excellent Diamonds are Amazing!

Which makes the round diamond a great choice to buy. The only downfall; the price. Rounds tend to run about 20% more than any other cut. But, it’s more expensive for all the great reasons listed above.

Clarity or color isn’t a big issue, just as long as you buy a diamond that doesn’t have any glaring visible flaws, or a diamond that doesn’t face up yellow, you’ll be fine.

Check out these Triple Excellent Diamonds here:

Cheers! :)

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