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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The Age and Origin of Diamonds

Do you know how old your Diamond is?

Do you know where it came from?

No & No!

That’s the funny thing about Diamonds, there is is no exact way to tell their age or origin.

A Diamond’s DNA is the exact same in every single Diamond. It’s 100% pure Carbon.

There is no way of testing it to see what part of the World it came from or which Diamond mine produced it.

People could say it’s from the Mir Mine (Biggest Diamond Mine in Russia), but in reality, it could be from any mine.

A Diamonds Birth Certificate

Nothing about a Diamond can distinguish it or link it back to its original source.


You could say one Diamond mine produces more “Yellow“, “Brown” or “Fancy Colored” Diamonds, and this may be true, but it still doesn’t prove that Diamond came from there. Any mine, anywhere, could produce a Diamond like that!

Unless you physically dig it out of the Earth yourself, you’ll never be 100% guaranteed of its origin or place of birth.

The Origin Of A Diamond

Some Jewelry Stores and big Chain Corporate Stores may buy their Diamonds directly from only one Diamond Mine (so they don’t have to deal with Blood Diamonds), and that’s good, but it still doesn’t guarantee that that Diamond you’re buying is really from that mine. Jewelers take Trade-Ins on their merchandise all the time. Those Trade-In Diamonds are reset and resold into new Mountings. Those Diamonds could have come from the Kimberley Mine or the Argyle Mine, or from any mine. You just don’t know!

If a Diamond has the exact same chemical composition as every other Diamond, knowing its origin is impossible.

The same goes with Age!

Diamonds were formed Millions of years ago (Billions to be exact) due to heat and pressure from the Earth’s core.

That’s pretty much the age of your Diamond… OLD!

When Diamonds Were Born

Now, some could say the age of your Diamond is the day it came out from the mine. But those dates aren’t logged anywhere. Tons and Tons of core is removed daily and rough Diamonds of all different Shapes, Size and Quality is shipped off to Diamond Cutters all around the globe. It could take Weeks, Months, or even Years to finally get around to cutting those stones.

So when is the Official Birthday?

Is the official Birthday the Year it was Made (Back with the Dinosaurs). The Year it was Excavated from the Earth? The Year it was Fashioned into a Dazzling Diamond? The Year it was Set into a Diamond Ring? Or, the Year you Bought it?

There are no Rings around a Diamond like a Tree has. There is nothing to Determine Age.

No wrinkles! No signs or dead give-a-ways. Nothing! Diamonds don’t ever get old. They look brand new forever!


That’s why they Cost so much. They never Wear down, Erode or Deteriorate. You can pass them down from generation to generation to come and they’ll always look exactly like the day you bought them.

A Diamond’s Age is Frozen in Time. Endless!

Of course, you could crack your Diamond. You could hit it hard enough to chip or break the stone, but it won’t happen on its own.

Diamonds are the Ultimate Rock. They are all the same, yet entirely unique in nature. Their Clarity and Color sets them apart. Like a fingerprint, each and every Diamond is different, and each one could vary in price by Thousands.

Diamonds Are All Different

That’s where a Diamond Report (Certificate) comes in handy. It lists things like: Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat Weight, along with Fluorescence, Polish, Symmetry and Measurements. But you’ll never see it list Origin or Birthdate (You will see the Date it was Evaluated on the Report).

Gem Trade Laboratory Diamond Report

No expert can tell Origin or Age. Quality and Price are the Real Issues at hand.

Buy a Diamond that’s Certified (comes with a Diamond Report). I prefer GIA since they Wrote the Book on Diamonds.

GIA Diamond Reports

GIA Gives you all the important Facts that you’ll ever need about your Diamond and Diamond Purchase.

See some Awesome Certified Diamonds here at James Allen!

How old is your Diamond?

Shhh… A Diamond will never tell… :)

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