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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Number 1 Best Selling Engagement Rings

The Best Chains to Ever Buy
The Best Jewelry Polishing Cleaning Cloth Ever

They make a TON of Jewelry Polishing Cloths on the Market.

Not to Mention Fun Things like: Ultrasonic Cleaners, Steam Cleaners, and Cleaning Solutions!

It’s Endless!

But did you know that you can actually Buy the WRONG type of Cleaning Cloth?

One that Barely Works, Doesn’t Polish, and could even Harm your Gemstones or Jewelry?

So that’s the Purpose of this Post

To Show you the BEST Cloth to Buy, and WHY!

It’s the Jewelry Polishing Cloth that Professional Jewelers use to Keep their Ring Shiny and New in the Cases.

And trust me, IT DOES WORK!

It’s a Polishing Cloth that’s Double Layered, it actually has TWO Separate Pieces that are Sewn together at one end, and what they do is AMAZING!

The Inner Section of the Cloth is Treated with Rouge, and this is the Same thing that Jewelers use with their Buffing Wheels to Professionally Clean and Polish Jewelry.

The Rouge Treated Cloth is IDEAL for Removing Small Scratches, Surface Scuffs, Dull Marks, Tarnish, and Debris from your Metal Rings, Pendants, Bracelets and Earrings.

You Use It Like This:

Simply Rub the Cloth over the Gold, Silver or Steel with your Fingers, and Gently Push Down and Rub in Circles as you go. It quickly Brings the Finish to a High Mirror Polish!

You’ll know it’s Working because it’ll leave Black Residue on your Jewelry and Fingers.

Once you Polish the Piece up, put your Jewelry in an Ultrasonic Cleaner to remove all the Black Gunk. In Minutes it’ll look as Good as the Day you Bought it!

The Outside Cloth…

The Outside Cloth is Great for a Quick Polish, Removing Fingerprints, Lotions, Soap, Dirt, and Tarnish from the Metal. It’s a Quick Fix that you’ll just LOVE!

But Be Careful!

Be Careful when Polishing your Rings, because Cleaning Cloths are NOT Meant for Polishing up Stones! A lot of Gemstones are Softer, have Pits, or are Porous and shouldn’t be Cleaned with Rouge. Gems like: Emeralds, Pearls, Coral, Lapis, Malachite and Opals are NO-NO’s!

So I Advise Polishing Around those Gemstones. Go Around them and Gently Touch up on the Prongs and you’ll have No Problems at all.

And the Diamonds?

Don’t Worry about the Diamonds in the Least. Diamonds won’t be Harmed EVER since they’re the Most Durable Gemstone on Earth! They can take a Little Ole Polishing Cloth!!!

Different Cleaning Cloth Sizes

You can also Buy these Rouge Filled Cleaning Cloths in many Sizes as well.

Tiny Ones work Great for your Purse, but I Advise a Larger Cloth (Like 15″ x 24″). They’re Easier to Hold, you can Polish Bigger Items (Like Dragging a Gold Chain across the Cloth in one Direction to Polish it), and you just have more Cloth for the Money.

Sections of the Cloth will Turn Black as well, but nevermind, because they’ll still Continue to Work for a Very Long Time!

It really does Work Better than Expected!

You’ll be Impressed by how Shiny and New your Jewelry Looks.

It Works Great on Gold, Sterling Silver (Like Tiffany Silver), Stainless Steel, and Surprisingly even on Watches as well (Just be Careful on Plated Watches and ALL Plated Jewelry at that, it could Rub the Plating Off).

The Trick really is the Rouge. If it doesn’t have Rouge, then it Won’t Clean like a Pro.

I Recommend…

I Recommend Blitz Polishing Cloths the Most for Cleaning your Jewelry at Home, Work or Vacation.

It’s what WE use!

It’s Quick, Easy, Affordable, and won’t Damage your Jewelry!

Buy some Cloths Today!

(One for You and one for your Friend!)

Cheers! :)

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  1. Great post! I have been using these types of cloths for years! My friend, who manages her family owned jewelry store here in town, introduced me to a similar version several years ago, when I asked her if I had an alternative to bringing my wedding rings in to the store to be polished every so often. I knew they existed, but didn’t know how to find them. Turns out her store sells them! I bought one, used it like crazy on all my gold and silver jewelry (which took a few days!) It made everything look like brand new!
    Later I bought a smaller one for my purse, like you recommended, and frequently “Wow” friends and relatives with the “magic cloth” that I can use to make their wedding bands (mostly) shine like the day they were put on! Then, if they let me, I use my little diamond cleaning brush and gel pen I also keep in my purse with the cloth, and clean up and polish up their (usually filthy) diamonds! They look like brand new all over, and I am the Hero of the day!
    It’s a great, inexpensive and easy way to not only keep your own jewelry sparkling and clean, but teach others how to do the same. There’s actually no point at all in wearing dirty jewelry that doesn’t sparkle!
    And makes a neat little Christmas gift too! The cloths are available in smaller sizes, and packs of 12 for quite a price!

  2. Tell you a secret – that diamond cleaning gel pen can be refilled from the larger bottle of Connoisseurs Quick Jewelry Cleansing Gel with the detachable brush on the side of the bottle. It’s the same stuff! And one end of the gel pen unscrews so it can be refilled. Works perfectly!

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