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The Best Chains to Ever Buy
What's the Best Shape for a Marquise Cut Diamond?

The marquise cut diamond is an odd creature

It used to be a really popular cut of diamond back in the 90’s. Then the princess cut diamond stole most of its glory and spotlight.

Just recently the marquise diamond has been making a come back. I’m actually surprised that more and more couples are coming in and asking for it.

The marquise cut diamond is so different in shape than the rest of the cuts of diamonds. Being long and pointed, the marquise has always been referred to as:

“The Panty-Hose Ripper!”

No matter what, they still ROCK!

People love them. So if you’re in the market for a marquise and start comparing stones, you’ll notice one thing: Every marquise diamond has a different shape to it.

Do note that when I’m talking about the marquise diamond, I’m talking about the actual faceting or cutting style of the diamond, whereas the look of the stone (whether it be long and skinny or short and fat), is actually the shape of the diamond. The contour.

They are two different things.

Maximize profit:

It’s pretty rare to find a marquise cut diamond that’s shaped well. This is because diamond cutters are always trying to maximize their profits when cutting diamonds out of the rough parent rock. Marquise, because of their length, tend to get squished and filling with whatever void is left. This normally ends up being narrow or fat.

Long and skinny shaped marquise are actually dangerous. The points of the diamond are thin and can break easily.

Wicked weapons:

Plus long pointed marquise tend to make a wicked weapon. Just ask any man that’s wrestled around with their woman… he’ll have scratches to prove it.

I can’t tell you how many times husbands have said “She scratched my face!” Marquise are always poking, scratching, tearing or ripping something. Your clothes will agree… In fact, women complain about it every day.


If you buy an item shaped like a weapon, it’s not going to be nice to the object it comes in contact with. Hear me?

So what are the best proportions for a marquise?

If you’re looking for the best proportions for a marquise, it’s simple;

The diamond should be twice as long as it is wide. Which is 2:1.

Those proportions will give your marquise that distinctive diamond shape that we all know and love.

I would stay away from marquise that are odd shaped, like short or fat ones. Marquise that are fat in the center make the diamond actually look more oval than pointed.


Marquise that are cut well will have a slight bow-tie affect in the center of the stone. This is because the center of the stone is deeper in the center, than on the ends. So the center will actually be darker because it gets less light. This dark center is called the bow-tie. It’s fine as long as it’s not too DARK. If it’s really dark and noteable, then it’s BAD!

If you don’t see a bow-tie, don’t worry about it. But if that’s all you see… SKIP IT!


My last bit of advice about the marquise diamond is which type of head to put it in. The head is the actual prongs that hold the stone in the mounting. When you have it set, make sure you get v-tipped prongs (see picture). V-tips do 2 main things:

1. It protects the ends of the marquise from chipping or breaking because it covers them. The weakest part of the marquise are the ends and that makes them vulnerable to harsh damage.

2. It helps give the marquise that lovely pointed look that women love (It makes your fingers look longer). Regular prongs on the tips of a marquise always get banged and bent. They also chip the ends of a diamond easier. So get the v-tipped prongs, you won’t ever regret it!

And last but not least…

Buy a 1.00 carat diamond!

Okay, you don’t really need to buy a 1 carat, but it is the “dream carat weight“, and I’m telling you, 1 carat marquise cut diamonds look stunning!

Lastly, make sure it’s GIA certified. I can’t stress enough how important certification is to buying a loose diamond. It’s vital and necessary.

And that’s a point well taken!

Buy some GREAT marquise cut diamonds HERE at James Allen!

Cheers! :)

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