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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The Cheapest Diamond Shape Cut

Want to Save some Money?

I talk a lot about diamond deals, saving money on diamonds, and getting an engagement ring on a budget.

After all, I did write an entire book about it called: 101 Ways to Save Money on Diamonds!

But, out of every single way possible, there is still one way that totally blows all the others away

And that’s SHAPE!

Very few people know this, but the shape of the diamond really matters greatly when it comes to the pocketbook.

For some diamond shapes are extremely expensive, and others, not so much!

In fact, the round diamond (called the modern brilliant cut), is by far the most expensive cut of diamond there is.

And that’s because it’s a traditional classic cut. It carries the most brilliance of any cut, and it’s the most popular.

Hence, the hefty price tag.

But if you just switch your style of thinking, think outside of the box (or in this case, round), then you’ll see that there are tons of other diamond shapes (called fancy cuts), that are way cheaper.

Most by 20-30% Cheaper!

Cuts like the princess cut, emerald cut, heart, pear, oval and marquise…

Diamond Shapes And Cutting Styles

But still, none of these cuts compares to the CHEAPEST CUT of diamond


For the cheapest diamond shape (cutting style) is actually the Cushion Cut!

The Cushion Cut is Cheaper!

Actually… the cushion cut is usually about HALF the price of a round diamond!


See below for a real example. These two diamonds are identical. Same carat weight (1.00), same clarity grade (SI1), same color (F), same certification (GIA), same symmetry and polish grades (excellent), and same fluorescence (none)…

The Cushion Cut Is The Cheapest Diamond Shape There Is

It really is Mind-Boggling!

Just by looking at this cushion cut shown above (versus the round diamond), you saved yourself $3,590 (OVER HALF).

Now you know!

Cushion Cuts ROCK!

Get all your cushion cut diamond deals here at James Allen (And use my code “RINGSUM” at checkout and receive an additional 10% off the mounting price).

Now that’s something to cheer about! :)

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  1. Apparently someone took you at your word – or rather, took the DIAMOND at your word, because it’s already sold! Thats about as fast as I’ve ever seen anything like that happen! And in just a matter of a few days! Good job!
    I’ve always been a fan of cushion cuts, and one thing I really like about them is that you can change up the specs on L:W ratio and vet either an almost as close to round as you can possibly get with a 1:1 ratio, or a longer skinnier kind of cut with a 1.5:1, or any possible combination to fit your vision of your personal style and design. You can’t easily do that with any other cut without wrecking the proportions of the cut making the shape look much to much long and skinny or short, fat and squat. Now imagine changing up a heart shape, an oval shape or a marquise shaped diamond? Even an emerald cut won’t tolerate too much playing around without making it look rather odd, and changing up the way the light bounces around, and in and out. Gotta love the cushion cut!

    • It really is a great cross-over stone. It works for people who like square or round stones, it’s the best of both worlds. And with the curved edges, what’s not to love? …”princes” fixed! :) -Richard

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