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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The Most Important Diamond Aspect

If you ask people what the most important aspect of a Diamond is, you’ll hear all sorts of answers:

It’s the Clarity of a Diamond, of course!”

It’s the Color, White looks Better and Brighter!”

It’s the Carat Size, Bigger is Better!”

“The Diamond needs to have Excellent Cut Proportions!”

“It must be Certified!”

Well I’m here to tell you…

You’re all Wrong!

None of these are the most important aspect

So what is?

Brilliance and Sparkle!

The Most Important Diamond Aspect

Above all else, how much Light, Fire and Scintillation a Diamond gives off is the ultimate goal.

That light, those flashes of both White Light and Colored Light is called the “Life” of a Diamond. Without Life, a Diamond would look Dull, Dark and resemble any other rock from the garden (not so pretty).

This Life is what sets Diamonds apart from the ordinary. It’s what makes our eyes veer towards it and dream about it and get lost in its inner beauty.

Sparkle is King!

That end result is what most people care about. How does it look to your eyes? How does it look on your hand? How much does the Diamond Sparkle?

You want that Diamond to Sparkle and Shine. You want to stare at those flashes forever and feel the love it symbolizes. Most people go through life judging things by sight (first impressions). Diamonds are no different.

It doesn’t matter what the Certificate says. It doesn’t matter if it has an Ideal Cut or Excellent Polish… It all comes down to Sparkle.

The better the Sparkle, the more we love it. The more we love it, the more it makes us smile and dance inside.

How the Diamond gets that Sparkle is a wildly detailed course and an in depth topic called “Cut“. Diamond Cut is what creates those beautiful Sparkles, Brilliance and Fire in a Diamond.

Now you could argue that Cut is the most important Diamond Aspect, and I’d have a hard time disagreeing with you. After all…

Cut is the Most Important C of the 4 C’s

Cut certainly trumps Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight by a long shot.

But you don’t look at a Diamond and say to yourself “That Diamond has a Table Percentage of 58%“… Oh NO! Instead, you’ll say “What a beautiful Diamond, just look at how it Sparkles in the light“.

That’s what truly matters. You have to have Sparkle and lots of it!

That’s why GIA revised their Cut Standards and came up with their new Cut Grades. They realized that Diamonds of all different Cuts and Proportions can still achieve Great Sparkle and Brilliance. Ideal Cuts, Super Ideal Cuts, it doesn’t matter… It now has to deal with light performance and how the stone visually looks. Angles, Percentages, Mathematical Proportions… BAH!

It’s Sparkle!

This is a great thing because that Sparkle is what you’re going to be staring at for the rest of your life.

It’s not whether the Girdle is “Medium” or the Culet is “Small“… It’s Sparkle!

Always judge a stone first by its visual appearance. If the Diamond is full of Life and Beauty and Sparkle, then proceed to learn more. Dig in!

But if the Diamond looks Dull and Lifeless, pass it up. Move on! (No matter how good the Diamond Deal is!)

Because if your Stone doesn’t Sparkle, then really, that Diamond isn’t worth buying! :)

Check out some AMAZING DIAMONDS that Will Sparkle MORE than Any Other Stone on the Market!!!

They’re to DIE for! :)

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