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The Most Perfect Best Men's Wedding Ring Band

Let me tell you what the perfect men’s wedding band is.

Most people would probably choose a plain gold band.

And most people would be half right.

So is the best band a plain one?

Yes and No…

Let me Explain:

For decades men have settled for the plain gold band. Generally the width of that plain band is either 5mm, 6 mm, or 8mm.

When you get smaller than those in width, they start to look a little feminine. 5-8 is standard and looks balanced on a man’s hand. 5-8mm also feels comfortable wearing and unless you’ve got some big basketball player’s hands, then I’d sticking in those widths.

Any wider than that and you may have difficulty bending your fingers. But it’s all a matter of taste. You might want to try some different millimeters on just to make sure they feel good. I’ve seen some men buy rings that were 10 mm wide. You just never know.

Plain gold bands:

Plain gold bands have been the staple of men’s jewelry forever. The one ring that most men will wear and usually because they have too.

It’s true! If men had a choice, they’d probably wear none.

And since they do have to choose one, most will pick the plainest and simplest band there is.

Which is great because…

Plain bands are CHEAP!

But as we know, gold bands take a lot of wear and tear. Within months, a plain band could have dents, scratches, dings, nicks and possibly chunks taken out of it. The good thing is, with gold, it’s easy to have any jeweler polish up the ring to make them look new again.

But it’s NOT the BEST band…


Because plain gold bands have changed.

And changed for the GOOD!

Plain bands used to be thin (Men really got ripped in that department). Over the long haul, they would bend, dent and end up looking like oval rings vs round rings.


Men abused rings!

They weren’t gentle with their jewelry in the least (like ladies are). And if the guy was a mechanic or they physically worked with their hands; that ring’s a goner!

So the thing that’s changed in the last ten years is…


Or to put it exact…

Comfort fit!

Comfort fit bands were thicker than a normal ring. In fact, they weigh about twice as much as a regular band did.

That extra thickness equals durability.

And that’s the biggest selling point too. Those rings could take a beating and hold up quite nicely.

They don’t bend!

I’ve never seen a comfort fit band come back in bent or out of shape.

And because of their thickness, they can actually help protect your fingers.

I’ve had a lot of guys say that their hand got pinned and if it wasn’t for their comfort fit band, they would have crushed their fingers. People tend to be very thankful they bought one.

What makes them comfort fit?

The reason they call them “comfort fit” is because the inside of the ring, the shank, is rounded or domed. It’s raised up so the only part of the ring that touches your finger when you’re wearing it is the very highest part of the dome. And because the edges are rounded off, they feel wonderful on your Finger. Unlike normal thin plain bands that have hard flat edge that gouge and DIG into your skin.

Comfort fit is the perfect band to buy

They will last a lifetime, and it only takes a couple minutes to polish them and make them look new again. And if you buy an extended service plan (which covers repairs and polishing), all the better!

I highly recommend it!

Comfort fit bands cost a little more…

But they’re durable, smooth, rugged, comfortable and more than anything, practical!

They’re worth every penny.

Varieties of Comfort Fit Bands

They make tons and tons of variations now… Tungsten, rose gold, yellow, black steel… Some bands are less domed, some bands are lighter weight and thinner, other’s have different types of finishes on them; hammered, brushed, satin finish… Go to a jeweler and check them out today (Or just check them out on Amazon here: comfort fit bands).

All in all, comfort fit bands are the best type of band to purchase. And I’m sure with such tough competition with jewelers these days, you’ll be able to find the perfect price as well.

A price that is, let’s just say, comfortable !

Cheers! :)

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