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Those Watch Links Will Cost You

Every Year Thousands of People Buy Watches from Walmart, Target, Kohls… and all the other Retail/Department Stores, because the Watches make Great Gifts, and are CHEAP!

They Spend 10 – 20 Bucks on a Watch and are Happy with it…

Until they Realize that the Watch Doesn’t Fit them and they need to get it Adjusted.

They come into a Jewelry Store (Because where else can you go? The Place you Bought it at doesn’t Size Links!), and they find out that YES, we do Remove Links, BUT, if you didn’t Buy the Watch from us, we’re going to Charge you for that Link Removal Service!

And How Much Is That?

At our Store we Charge 10 Bucks. But that will probably vary from Store to Store. Could be More, could be Less.


…One Customer said. He got really Mad, because of course, he only paid 10 Bucks for the Watch.

“Give Me the Damn Tools!”

He said. And No, we can’t do that.

You could Hurt yourself, Stab yourself, Cut yourself… And then what? We’re Responsible???


What the Customers Fail to see is that we are Trained at Removing Links. And every Watch is Different. They all Require Different Tools, Pin Pushers, Pliers, Devices to get those Pins out. If is often necessary to use a 10x Head Visor and Blocks to hold the Watch down as you work on it.

Watch Link Removal Tools

Some Watches take 2 Minutes to Operate on, others take 1/2 Hour. You just don’t know.

The Tools that we use are Commercial Grade, High Quality and Durable. They are Expensive and we have to Carry tons of them just to Remove Links from just about any Watch Brand out there.

Plus, Labor Costs Money!

For if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll Break the Watch Link, Bend the Pins, Lose the Parts or just have no Idea how to get it all back together.

It isn’t always Easy!

And you also have to consider the fact that when we’re waiting on you, who didn’t Buy your Watch from us, that it takes us off the floor and away from other Customers who could Buy from us, and if it’s an Expensive Engagement Ring Sale, that’s Big Money!

So to me, it’s always Funny to see Customer’s Reactions to all of this.

And the Cheaper the Watch, the more Difficult it is to Work on it. The links are so Weak, they take no Pressure at all to Snap them, and then the Watch is Toast!

So don’t be Shocked when we say “Ten Bucks!

Really, what are your Alternatives?

Either have an Experienced Jeweler Remove the Links, or Do It Yourself!

(Buy your Watch Tool Kit from Amazon Here!)


But, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you really can Damage and Ruin your Watch. It’s usually Easier to Pay the Small Fee and let the Experts do it.

It’s only Ten Bucks!


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  1. Ten dollars is not unreasonable. Many watches uses tiny parts (center tube) which are a pain and easy to lose. However recently many jewelry stores around my area have decided to fight back and charge ten dollars per link (Kay Jewelers). Other more shady jewelry stores (Rogers and Hollands) would try to get you to return the watch and buy it from them. They sales lady tried to give me some B.S about the brand Citizen, regardless of the fact that they sell it. I decided to do it myself and guess what, the equipment to do it cost me less than eight dollars. And it took me less than half the time it takes them. Which made me realized “trained jewelers” may still be required for certain objects but links are not one of them. I’d recommend buying a quality set on amazon and looking up the instrctions for removal and assembly on the watchmakers website (what I did). These “jewelers” are just frauds. I had the same problem with a Movado watch battery until I was able to find an actual trained jeweler that didn’t B.S me. She still charged me but didn’t seem startled that it was a Movado and also didn’t try to stick it to me.

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