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Time to Buy a Bigger Diamond

I hear it all the time…

One day I’m going to get myself a bigger diamond.


One day I’ll trade this little diamond in for a big one.

It’s always “one day” or “someday


You know what?

That “One day” never comes.

The truth is…

There is no ideal day.

There is no one day to finally say “Okay, it’s time to spend a ton of money.”

Nothing is ever going to change. Cash is not going to fall from the money tree (did you know that was a real tree?), so you can buy the diamond of your dreams.

(Okay, you could win the lotto… But still…)

Ladies, it’s time to face the facts and reality.

That dream of a bigger diamond is never going to happen… Unless you make it happen. So make it happen today.


It’s not going to happen on its own. You have to take action.

Actions = Results!

There really is no perfect time or opportunity for buying a diamond. After all, a diamond is a luxury item. It’s not something that’s necessary (well, for some women it is).

Diamonds are something that you want, something that you desire, a wish.

And wishes can come true.

You just have to find a way to make it work.

Prioritize it.

There will always be other things in your life that will take more priority: a new freezer, new tires on your car, paying off the dentist, your kid’s education… The list goes on and on. “Buying a diamond” is never going to make that list.

It’s sad, but true.

You’ll end up putting it off your whole life.

So you know what?

I say “Find a way.

Shift things around. Sell other jewelry that you don’t wear. Get some cash flow. Have a garage sale. Get rid of those Ty Beanie Babies. Sell the couch. Whatever you do, put diamond at the top of your “must-buy” list (and also your Christmas list).

It’s now or never.


Just do it.

Once you commit yourself, you’ll always find a way to make it work. You always do.

Now, I’m not saying be careless or neglect things. Don’t put off paying your bills… I don’t want you to lose your home… Just cut back on some of the other things. Skip a dinner and the movies once a month. Pass up that extra pair of black shoes. Take a sack lunch to work.

If you chip away at it, a little here and a little there, you should be able to afford your “dream” diamond (and for most, that’s these diamonds here). Figure out what it will take to make a Diamond payment and do it. It doesn’t need to be crazy or extreme, but it should allow you to comfortably upgrade your ring into that bigger diamond that you’ve always dreamed of.

Everything in our lives gets upgraded.

It does. At some point in time our clothes, our cars, and our homes. Diamond shouldn’t be any different. They need to be upgraded too. You can still keep your old diamond for sentimental reasons if you want. Keep the dream alive.

The dream:

Many women dream of a one carat diamond. But I tell you, most would go absolutely insane for a 2.00 carat diamond. 2 carats are amazing and huge.

They take your breath away.

They’ll make even the grumpiest women smile.

Plus, it’ll make one heck of a stocking stuffer (hint, hint, guys).

So why not splurge? No one can spoil yourself like yourself.

You want a bigger diamond?

Buy one.

Talk to the jeweler, see what options they have for upgrading, trading-in, financing, or layaway. You could be amazed at how easy it is.

Maybe it won’t be as bad as you thought? Maybe you’ll be able to fit “someday” into “today“?

Wouldn’t that be great? Who doesn’t deserve a larger stone?

I say go for it.

Don’t wait until you’re 80 years old to embark…

Do it now.

You won’t regret it.

Check out these 1 carat diamonds from James Allen here.

Cheers! :)

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