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Top 10 Facts About Diamonds

Ready for some FUN?

How about some of the most interesting, and “must-know” facts about diamonds.

Things that will teach you trivia about the most valuable stone in the World.

So let’s begin…

Top 10 Diamond Facts:


1) Diamonds can chip

Why some people believe that you can’t chip a diamond, I don’t know. I’m sure it has something to do with the price of the stone, the fact that a diamond is forever, or just the fact that a diamond is the hardest natural stone on Earth. This is true…

But diamonds grow in cleavage lines (like rings in a tree), that makes splitting them, chipping them, or breaking them easier. If you hit them at just the right angle, with the right amount of force, you could chip your stone and damage it (which is why they should always be insured).

2) Most clarities look the same

Anything from SI1 clarity or higher (all the way up to Flawless) will look identical to the bare eye (without a microscope or a 10x jeweler’s loupe). Under 10x magnification you’ll see a huge difference, but not with the naked eye. This is also why SI1 is the most popular clarity there is. It’s eye-clean, affordable, and looks just as good as more expensive diamonds.

Diamond Clarity Facts

3) Most diamonds are white

Let me clarify… Most diamonds that you find on the market are “white” or “whitish“. That’s because most diamonds sold are either in the “colorless” or “near colorless” categories: D-E-F-G-H. And these are considered “pure white” or “fine white” diamonds. Only when you get into diamond color lower, like I-J-K-L-M– do you start to see a yellow hue in the stone. Usually I recommend staying G-H or higher (and I really adore pure-white stones; D-E-F), that way your diamond won’t look antique, aged, or yellow.

4) Carat weight is NOT size!

Diamonds are like people; no two are shaped the same. Some are skinny, some tall, some fat, some rounded, some slim and narrow… Meaning, just by looking at the stone, it would be hard to guess the exact carat weight. Especially considering the fact that all diamonds are viewed from a top-down position. So diamonds that are skinny (not as wide) will look much smaller when compared to larger cut diamonds; a.k.a. spread stones (even though the carat weights could be the same).

This is why it’s important to get a better cut. A better cut diamond (like “excellent” cut) will steer you away from diamonds that are cut poor (a poor make). Plus, diamonds that are cut bad will often appear dark and lifeless. So cut is more important than you know

The Best Cut Of Diamond is Excellent

Which is why…

5) The #1 C is cut

Out of all the traits that impact the beauty and sparkle of a diamond, CUT is #1. And actually, even if you got a low clarity, with a low color, as long as the cut is excellent, then the diamond will sparkle and look wonderful. Cut impacts everything! It makes a stone look whiter, bigger, better, and it hides inclusions with its blinding rays of light.

The better the cut, the better the diamond will sparkle (and knock her socks off). This is why I always push cut. And the best cut is a “True Hearts” ideal cut diamond (that’s triple excellent stones, rated Triple 0’s in AGS). The best of the best. They give you those awesome “Hearts and Arrows” patterns that make the best diamonds extraordinaire.

Triple Excellent Hearts And Arrows Diamonds

6) Round is expensive

The round brilliant cut diamond is the most expensive cut of diamond there is. This is because it’s the most popular and most in-demand diamond shape. Which also means, if you look at fancy shaped stones (all the other cuts of diamond), then the price will be CHEAPER! Just going into a princess cut, cushion cut, oval cut… you could drop 20%, 25%, or even 50% off the price tag! That’s HUGE savings (for the same carat weight, color and clarity)! So if you have a budget, want to save some greenbacks, then think outside of the round.

7) Some diamonds glow-in-the-dark

Some diamonds, about 30% of them, have a natural phenomenon called “fluorescence“. This presence of fluorescence is shown when the diamond is placed under UV light (black light). The diamond will glow awesome in hues of green, blue or red (the famous Hope diamond glows red). But fluorescence can also make a diamond look odd or funny in natural light (especially if it has “strong” fluorescence). This is why I advise staying away from fluorescence, and buying a stone with no fluorescence (which is indicated on a diamond report as “none“). Unless you want your diamond to glow and look hazy or foggy! :)

8) The largest diamond in the world

The largest diamond ever dug out of the Earth was in 1905 from a South Africa diamond mine. It was named the “Cullinan” and weighed an impressive 3106 carats (makes the “dream” diamond weight seem small…). The “dream” diamond weight is a full carat (1.00 carats), which is the size that all women want. Just like these diamonds at James Allen HERE:

Dream Diamonds 1 Carat

9) The first diamond engagement ring

Archduke Maximilian (what a name) was the first person to ever give a diamond engagement ring. This was way back in 1477, and since then, diamond rings have become the staple for tying the knot, everlasting love, and being together forever. Just like these diamond rings here: solitaire mounting, pave mounting, or halo mountings

Diamond Engagement Rings

10) Diamonds in space

Diamonds may have been formed deep within the Earth’s crust billions of years ago, but diamonds have also been found in meteorites (crashed through the Earth’s atmosphere). Alien diamonds from space?

And even crazier, just recently scientists have located a planet (named alien super-Earth planet 55 Cancri e_) that’s composed of pure carbon (the same DNA as diamonds). Fancy that, talk about sparkling like a thousand stars in the sky; a planet made of diamond!

And that’s it… 10 for 10!

Learn More…

If you want to see the most impressive and best cut diamonds on Earth… Then head on over to James Allen HERE and see why these stones sparkle more than 99.9% of all the diamonds in the world: True Hearts diamonds.

They are the cream of the crop!

I hope you enjoyed learning these facts; See more Diamond Trivia HERE!

Cheers! :)

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