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Trio Set Engagement Wedding Rings Are Not Worth Buying

Once upon a time, there were trio-sets…

The 80’s were stock full of them.

Jewelers would carry dozens of different styles and would sell them like hot cakes. Really!

A set or two every single night!

3 rings in all!

Trio-sets were literally 3 rings sold as a set: A woman’s engagement ring, a woman’s wedding ring, and a man’s wedding ring.

And the biggest selling point to these 3 rings was that they all had matching designs.

“Look, We Match!”

3 rings that matched `till death do you part… or the rings fell apart! And it’s true. Trio sets really did make women swoon to the idea that husband and wife would have matching symbols of unity and love, and who wouldn’t love that?


You see…

Trio rings were cheap

99% of all trio-sets were cheaply made. Most were only 10kt gold (Which means there was more alloy in the rings than gold). The bands were “extremely” thin. So thin in fact, you could usually squish the rings with your fingertips.

We were always reshaping them because they’d get bent out of shape every time the wind would blow.

And then there were diamonds…

… er, if you could call them diamonds.

The diamonds were tiny, tiny small. Very cloudy. And the quality was so low that they were only one step above those industrial diamonds used in dentist’s drills. They actually looked like pieces of salt sunk haphazardly into those really thin cardboard rings.

Want me to tell you how I really feel? HA!

I really feel sorry for those sets.

The diamonds were so small in most of them, that customers would lose the diamonds out of the mountings and not even know it. The diamonds probably just popped out when the people would pick up a piece of bread and the rings would bend. They’d never know it until they brought it in for cleaning and inspection and I’d say “You know you lost a diamond?

And they’d be surprised “Really?

It was sad, but funny at the same time.

And the #1 reason to never buy a trio-set

…All 3 rings put together would only cost you $100.

That’s cheap!

It’s also the biggest red flag of them all.

Now granted, some sets were thicker 10kt gold, and did cost more… And I also saw some 14kt sets too. They were higher up the monetary ladder. Which also means, you would pay ridiculous prices for some of those ugliest cheap rings around.

“But it’s matching!!!”

Women still love Love LOVED the idea of a matching band. I don’t know why. Is it romantic???


But let me tell you a secret; men don’t care if the bands are matching.

Women want flashy diamonds and shimmering gold and beautiful designs. but most men just want a plain gold band. Very few guys want diamonds. And the furthest thing from their mind is finding one that matches hers. That does nothing for him. It’s all for the woman… It’s the whole getting engaged and married fairytale…

Let me put this whole thing into perspective:


Run away from them.!

I know they still exist, thankfully they are scarcer now, but they are still out there. You’ll recognize them for their matching designs… And when you do, take a good look at the ladies engagement ring…

The engagement ring has a bigger diamond in the center… OOPS, forgive me, that’s not a diamond! It’s a gaudy plate of thick white gold and chunky prongs. And in the center of that huge plate, well, that’s the diamond, the small piece of chalk.

YES! That thing that looks like salt in the middle is actually the (cough) diamond. That monstrous white gold head is called an “illusion head“. That gives the illusion of a bigger diamond. Get it?

The designs are poor, the quality is poor.

Brushed gold bands that would rub off after 10 hours of work

The rings are NOT built to last.

Which is important… Now I may have been a little hard on trio-sets, but the truth hurts doesn’t it?

So here’s another Illusion for you…

No matter how much money you could save on trio-sets, no matter how good matching wedding bands sounds, no matter how much the gold sparkles and says “buy me!” Restrain. DON’T DO IT!

Keep shopping…

Buy her a ring that she’ll love and want to wear forever. And ladies, buy him a ring that’s manly looking. Something that will be able to take a beating and hold up. Men are rough on their jewelry. Get him something he’ll be proud of (Like a comfort fit band).

Matching or not… diamonds and gold (or platinum) will always look good together.

And maybe, just maybe if we get lucky, trio sets will all but disappear!

Even though you can still find them here on Amazon: trio wedding sets.

Cheers! :)

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