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Ultra Thin Wedding Bands Rings

Sometimes less is more.

Sometimes you have a beautiful engagement ring and don’t want to gaudy it up with a thick wedding band.

So an ultra-thin band is on your shopping list.

Luckily, they make those!

A normal thickness for a lady’s plain gold (or platinum, steel, tungsten, titanium) band is 2mm.

As seen here…


(2 mm Wedding Bands on Amazon)

Which means, anything small than this is probably more ideal. Like a 1.5mm, or a 1mm…

As seen here…

1mm and 1-5mm Thin Wedding Bands

(1mm Wedding Bands on Amazon)

(1.5mm Wedding Bands on Amazon)

(I would just avoid any “plated” rings, and only buy solid ones. Plus, I would also match the same metal as your engagement ring.)

They make even smaller rings too.

Like these .95mm here on Etsy…

Wedding Bands Thinner Than 1 mm
(See all the ultra-thin rings HERE on Etsy as well)


Thin bands are great because you still have that “traditional” wedding ring (needed for the vows), but it doesn’t get in the way, or take away from your masterpiece (the diamond ring bling and all that thing).

And whether it be smooth, hammered, tapered, twisted, brushed, milgrain, diamond cut, even set with stones… It’s all up to you and your taste.

They make them in all types of metals, silver, tungsten, titanium, gold… even rose gold!

So go thin!

It’s just what your engagement ring needs.

Cheers! :)

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