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Was My Diamond Switched?

A Reader Writes in and Asks Me a



How can I be Sure the Diamond I Receive in a Reset is really the one I Left with the Store to be Reset?


Hi Debbie.

There are a Couple of things you should do. But sadly, you should have Done Most of them Before you Left your Ring at the Jeweler.

Like for Example, Microscoping your Diamond and looking at the Inclusions and Identifying Marks inside your Stone. Each Diamond is Different, it’s like a Fingerprint of Nature. Knowing what your Stone looks like will Help you Identify it Later.

Also things like Chips or Nicks on the Side of your stone can Help Identify it as well. Measuring the Width of the Diamond with a MM Gauge can Help Identify the Size too. And of course Great Things like Appraisals, Certification and Laser Inscriptions are some of your Best Protections in the Prevention of Diamond Switching.

But, normally, most people don’t think about any of these things until they get their Diamond back, and then it’s too late.

Your Diamond will also Look Different when you get it back as well because your Ring and Diamond will be Professionally Cleaned and Polished. Plus, people have a tendency to just hand their Ring over to a Jeweler without looking at it, but then Scrutinize it when they get it back.

It Looks Different

I would Guess that the reason you’re asking about this is that your Diamond Looks Different to you. Or it could be that you’re just Worried because you always hear about Shady Jewelers doing Shady things.

But I’ll tell you, the Chances are Very Good that the Diamond you get back from the Jeweler IS the Diamond you Left with the Jeweler! If your Jeweler has been around for a long time and has a Great Reputation, then I wouldn’t Worry about it. But if you still Feel Worried, take it to another Jeweler just to have them Scope it and tell you the Clarity and Color. Those will be the Biggest Indicators. You can always have an Appraisal done that lists these things out in Detail.

Does it Look Smaller?

If you Feel that your Diamond looks Smaller in Size, then the Jeweler may need to Remove your Diamond from your Ring and Weigh it to get the Exact Carat Weight. Just so you know in advance, this is the only way to truly get the Exact Weight! Everything Else is Guessing!

All Good Things to Consider

I wrote a Post about Diamond Switching. If you haven’t Read it, Please do.

I Hope this Helps!

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Prevent Diamond Switching!

Learn about Diamond Certification!

Cheers! :)

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