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What Are Nude Diamonds



It’s true, there’s actually a new line of diamonds on the market called “Nude Diamonds“.

(Just be careful when you Google that…)

Created by the LeVian company, these diamonds have reinvented the jewelry industry AGAIN!

What are Nude Diamonds?

Nude Diamonds are certain shades of light brown diamonds to be exact.

You see, brown is one of the most common colors for natural diamonds in the world (as well as yellow diamonds).

We’re all used to seeing the darker shades of brown, which have been successfully sold as “Chocolate Diamonds” for decades.

With beautiful hues, tones and saturation, these deeper, darker Chocolate Diamonds have made LeVian one of the biggest and fastest growing jewelry companies on Earth.

After all, who can resist chocolate?

But Chocolate Diamonds are darker, vibrant, and bursting with color…

Leaving the paler shades of brown go unnoticed.

Until now…

LeVian has utilized these lighter hues, which consists of C1, C2 and C3 grades (see below for both Nude Diamond Colors vs Chocolate Diamond Colors), to create some fabulous works of art.

Take a peek:

LeVian Nude Diamond Color Range

These are irresistible warm tone diamonds set into creamy strawberry or vanilla gold

And the result is spectacular:

Nude Diamond Jewelry

So buy yourself some Nude Diamonds TODAY!

Check out the entire line HERE at Kay Jewelers!

LeVian Nude Diamond Jewelry At Kay Jewelers

You deserve a little sugar on your skin, right?

Cheers! :)

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