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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Cheap Hollowed Out Rings

Poor, Poor Men!

Men really get jilted.

I mean, just walk into any jewelry store and you’ll see an entire store full of ladies jewelry; pendants, earrings, rings, and then you’ll see the men’s selection… gasp!

It only takes up one little bitty showcase.

It’s depressing.

And even then, when you look at the selection, you’ll notice that almost all men’s jewelry is thin, cheap and hollowed out.

Oh the horrors!

Why is this? 1. Men don’t normally buy jewelry for themselves. 2. Ladies are doing the buying for them, and when ladies shop for men, they usually have one requirement…


Truth is, men don’t care and don’t want to wear jewelry anyway… let alone any thin piece of gold that will bend the first time they pick up a crowbar.

Men’s rings are generally 10kt gold. 10kt is not a bad choice for a man’s ring because it’s more durable than 14kt gold and it’s “cheaper!” But why do they make the rings so thin? Why do the manufacturers feel the need to hollow out the underside of these rings? You got it… it’s cheaper!

Men’s rings also contain cheaper stones:

Everything is cheaper, even the gemstones. Like black onyx, which is brittle and frail and chips easily.

You’ll see tiger’s-eye and cat’s-eye and blue-star sapphire stones, popular and less expensive. And if you do find diamonds in men’s rings, there’s a very good chance that those diamonds will be extremely low grade, probably an I clarity, I color.

Let’s face it, guys don’t want glitz or glamour. They’re going to beat the ring up in the garage and cover it will oil anyway.

So I can totally understand why jewelers put lower grade stones and diamonds in the rings. I can understand the 10kt gold, no problem.

Cheap is good!

But why hollow them out and make them thin?

You’ll know you have a thin and hollowed out ring because it will leave painful indentations and grooves in your finger. Dirt and sweat gets trapped under the ring and irritates the finger, usually resulting in a bright red rash.

So what can be done about it?

Beef it up!

Take your ring into a jeweler and have them add a gold plate to the underside of your ring, leaving a hole for cleaning the stones (see picture). They’ll fill the hollow section in flush with the rest of the mounting.

Trust me, a lot of customers have had this done and it works wonders. For the price you’ll pay, it’ll bring tons of comfort, it’ll fit better, feel better and it won’t dig into your skin.

So even though you may have a low quality diamond and a chipped black onyx, at least you’ll be comfortable wearing it and hopefully be rash-free.

Cheers! :)

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  1. Brandon Bertrand // June 29, 2021 at 2:15 pm // Reply

    I read your article about getting a plate under the hollow portion of the ring. I myself have a ring with the same issue however I have taken my ring to multiple jewelers and have looked online for goldsmiths and have been told that they can not do it or the reason for it being hollow is the diamonds. My question to you is do you have a reference for anybody who could do this? I live in Vicenza Italy right now and no luck. Thank you for your time!

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