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What Diamond Clarity Sparkles The Most?

A lot of people ask me what Clarity sparkles the most? What makes a Diamond Beautiful and Sparkle with tons of Brilliance, Fire, and Scintillation?

The funny thing is Clarity affects Sparkle the least out of all the other Diamond Aspects.

So before we get into Clarity, let me quickly go through the other things that make a Diamond Sparkle.

The Shape

A Round Brilliant Cut Diamond will give you the most Brilliance and Sparkle out of any Cut of Diamond. That’s mainly due to one thing: it’s Perfectly Symmetrical. All of the flashes of light are evenly distributed around the Diamond creating a very uniformed appearance. No other Cut can compare, or surpass it.

Diamond Cut

The way a Diamond is Cut does more to the Beauty and Brilliance and Sparkle of a Diamond than any other characteristic. If the Diamond is Cut with an "Excellent" Cut Grade (GIA) along with "Excellent" Polish AND "Excellent" Symmetry Grades, then that Diamond will blow all other Diamonds out of the water. It will Sparkle like crazy!

Diamond Color

Even the Color tends to make the Diamonds Sparkle more. Now this may be highly debatable, but in my opinion a Pure White Diamond enhances the Sparkle and Beauty and Light that a Diamond gives off. It tends to make a Diamond look like there’s a spot light on it. I love Pure White (Colorless) Diamonds and I highly recommend them!

No Florescence!

Some Diamonds that have Florescence will actually make the Diamond look Cloudy, Foggy, or Hazy, hence hindering Light, Beauty, and Sparkle. That’s why I always advise customers to buy Certified Diamonds that have NO Florescence. Just to be safe.

Diamond Certification

The Certificate Matters!

Or I should say WHO Certifies it matters the most. If you compare a Diamond that’s Certified by GIA, against a Diamond Certified by IGI, more than likely the GIA Diamond will Sparkle MORE if everything else is identical (as far as the Grades go).

That’s because GIA is more strict in it’s Gradings, and if they say a Diamond is a VS1 then you can surely bet it’s a true VS1.

Other Diamond Reports (or Certificates as they’re known), may over-exaggerate or bump their Grades slightly. So a diamond that GIA would call I1 Clarity other companies might call it an SI2 instead (which will then also cost you more).

So stick with the Best Certificates if you want the best, most accurate Grades possible. And the only two companies that I recommend are GIA and AGS.

Diamond Carat Weight

The bigger the Carat Weight is, the more light will enter the stone and the more Sparkle will come out. Compare a 1/4 Carat Diamond to a Full Carat (1.00 CT) and you will see a huge difference in Sparkle, Fire, and Brilliance.

The Mounting and Prongs!

The more a Diamond is covered up by the Mounting or Prongs, the less that Diamond will Sparkle.

So a Diamond that is set in a 4 Prong Head will Sparkle more than a Diamond set in a 6 Prong Head, no doubt!

Likewise, Diamonds that are set down into a Channel Setting will get less light and actually appear darker!

So if you want your Diamonds to Sparkle more keep the mounting simple and lift the Diamond up so it can grab as much light as possible!

More Light Please!

Diamonds, and the way they are Cut, thrive off light. Which means the more light there is getting to your stone, the more your Diamond will Sparkle.

A Diamond in the dark isn’t so pretty!

So now what Clarity Sparkles the most?

Let’s find out…

Diamond Clarity

The Clarity that Sparkles the most is the Clarity that doesn’t get in the way or block light.

Thankfully, most of the Clarities on the Diamond Clarity Chart don’t block any light.

To block light, the Inclusion’s or Flaws inside a Diamond need to be pretty big or obvious. Which means I Clarity Diamonds!

I Clarity basically means eye-visible Inclusions. Imperfections that you can see with the naked eye (No Jeweler’s Loupe or a Microscope Needed). These types of Flaws will stop light dead in it’s track.

And NO Light equals NO Sparkle!

So if you want a Clarity that Sparkles the most, get a Clarity that is SI or higher (preferably SI1 or higher). The inclusions in an SI1 Diamond or higher are so small you’ll need 10x magnification to see them (and that’s GREAT!)

Those Diamond Clarities (SI1 or higher) won’t affect Light or Life!

So there you go…

You now learned everything that makes a Diamond Sparkle and what makes them Sparkle the MOST!

AND remember…

NO Diamond will Sparkle if it’s DIRTY!

So keep it clean if you want it to bling!

What Clarity Sparkles The Most?

See Some SI1 Clarity Diamonds HERE!

Cheers! :)

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