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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

What Diamond Sparkles the Most?

This is a simple question:

What Diamond Sparkles the Most?

It could have been a simple answer:

The Diamond with the BEST Cut!

But, of course, it wouldn’t be that easy.

Having an awesome Cut Grade of “Excellent” (by GIA – which is the best of the best), will only give you the best fighting chance of having the most dazzling Diamond of all.

Let’s look at Excellent…

Excellent Graded Diamonds

Excellent sits at the top of the Cut Grade list. There are 5 Grades in all: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor.

Obviously the Excellent Grade will go a long way towards giving you maximum Brilliance (Flashes of White Light), and maximum Fire (Flashes of Colored Light). You can find the Cut Grades of Diamonds listed on the latest Diamonds Reports by GIA (who gives you the most accurate reports of all).

But don’t stop there…

Polish & Symmetry

GIA also Grades the Polish and Symmetry of the Diamond as well, with those same 5 categories as listed above. These are crucial to maximizing dancing light. If you want the ultimate sparkle, get Excellent Grades in both of these as well.

Triple Excellent GIA Grades

So with Cut, Polish and Symmetry all being Graded as Excellent, it will be called Triple Excellence. Trust me, your Diamond will sparkle like crazy!

It will knock your socks off!

Nothing can beat it… Almost!!!

There are still a few more things to consider about the sparkle and beauty of a Diamond.

Brilliant Cut Diamonds

The Round Diamond or the true official name of it, the Round Brilliant Cut Diamond, is the best shape and cutting style of Diamond to buy.

Brilliant Cuts have the most amount of Brilliance and Sparkle out of any Cut of Diamond out there. This is because it’s Symmetrical and the facets of the stone are placed at just the right angle and size to grab light, bounce it into the stone, and throw it back out in a million flashes of beautiful light… The twinkle in her eye!

But don’t stop there…

Pure White Diamonds

Something else that I believe truly helps a Diamond sparkle more… A Pure White Diamond Color!

Now a lot of people may debate this, but in my opinion, a Pure White stone brightens a Diamond, makes it look bigger, and makes it sparkle more!

Pure White Diamonds are D, E and F on the Diamond Color Chart. I adore them! I think they are stunning, breathtaking, and I highly recommend them.

Put a Pure White Diamond up against a standard H-I-J Colored Diamond and you’ll see the immediate difference! :)

Diamond Fluorescence

Something else that helps with Diamond Sparkle…

No Fluorescence!

Sometimes, and I say sometimes, Fluorescence will make a great quality of Diamond (like VVS, E-F as example) look Foggy, or just odd… Milky!

Sometimes a Diamond with Fluorescence won’t shine or sparkle like the rest of them. That’s a shame!

Now, this doesn’t happen to all Diamonds with Fluorescence, but unless you actually put them side by side with a Diamond that has none, you may never know if it’s hindering light or not.

I advise steering clear of Fluorescence. It’s listed on the GIA Diamond Reports as well.

Look for it to say: NONE!

Diamond Clarity

Now Clarity also has a small role in Sparkle… But, only with the lower Clarity Grades.

When the Inclusions get big enough (as in SI2, I1, I2 and I3), the light can’t pass through the Flaws, and they stop them dead in their tracks.

The more Inclusions you have the less your Diamond will sparkle.

But, like I said, this only refers to the lower Clarities.

Any Clarity SI1 or higher really won’t be an issue and won’t have any negative affect on sparkle since the Inclusions in those stones get so small and minute they are microscopic only!

The Mounting

The Mounting can also block light from entering your Diamond. If your Diamond is surrounded by metal, or if the Diamond is inbedded into the setting (like Tension Set or Channel Set), or covered up by tons of prongs or the head, it will keep light from entering and exiting your stone. The mounting could darken your stone, dull it, and make it appear lifeless. Not cool!

Set the stone in a 4 prong 14k White Gold head for best results!

Last Tip…

Clean your Diamond often!

Dirty Diamonds don’t Sparkle!

Clean them often, at least once a week to keep dirt and debris from sticking to your Diamond (and underneath your Diamond), and keeping the light from doing it’s thing.

Diamonds can sparkle like new FOREVER

If you buy the right Diamond, and if you take care of it! :)

What Diamond Sparkles The Most?

Just like these Awesome Diamonds Here!

Cheers! :)

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