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What Do You Buy The Woman That Has Everything?

Guys Love this Line and are always Repeating it, “I don’t know what to Buy her…

She Has Everything!”

They Wander around the Jewelry Store in a Daze saying “She has Diamond Studs, she has Diamond Bracelets and Pendants and Rings! She has Gemstones of Every Color. She has Watches and Necklaces and Bangles”…

That’s when they Stop and look at me in Despair.

“What do you get the Woman who has EVERYTHING?”

The Answer is Simple!

You get her MORE!

You see, a Woman can NEVER have too much Jewelry. It’s True! Just like they can never have enough Shoes or Purses. They have to Accessorize! It’s like a Law. Buy more Glitter, more Brilliance, more BLING!

Get her BIGGER…

If she has Diamond Studs, get her BIGGER Diamond Studs. I’ve never seen a Woman turn down a Pair of 2 Carat Diamond Stud Earrings. 2 Carats look Absolutely Stunning in the Ears.

She’ll Love Them!

Buy her a Diamond Tennis Bracelet that’s Twice as much Carat Weight as the one she has now. Buy her a Solid Gold Watch with Diamond Accents. Get her a matching set of Gemstone Earrings and Pendant. Buy her a Color she’s never had before.

And if you really want to Stun her for that Next Special Occasion, buy her a Loose Certified Diamond! (GIA Certified of course!) Give it to her in the Diamond Papers all wrapped up. Tell her she can Custom Design her own Ring or Pendant to put it in.

How Exciting is that?

Women Love doing stuff like that.

The Bottom Line is:

You can’t go Wrong with Diamonds!

Don’t Cop out and Say She Has Everything.

She Doesn’t!

That’s just an Excuse to be Cheap.

She may have Everything, but what She Wants is MORE of Everything!

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