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What does a Three Quarter Carat Diamond Cost

Trying to tell someone what a 3/4 carat (75 point) diamond costs is almost an mission impossible.

There are so many factors that fall into place when it comes to pricing diamonds. You can’t just say 3/4 carats roughly cost $3,500

It would be nice to give a roundabout figure, but it really depends on the rest of the quality.

  • What’s the clarity of the stone?
  • What’s the color of the stone?
  • Is the stone certified?
  • Is the ring one stone, or many stones put together?
  • What’s the shape of the stone? (Yes, shape can make a big difference too!)

A low quality diamond could be as cheap as $700, or a top of the line diamond could run you $10,000.

Is saying $3,500 a nice in between figure?

Average Price 75 Carat Diamond Ring

How about 4 Grand? 5?

This is usually what I do when someone wants me to belt out the on going price for a diamond of a particular carat weight, I give them a stone with an average grade in color, clarity and cut.

Which is: SI1, H color, “Very Good” or “Excellent” cut. I also always quote a round brilliant cut diamond (unless shape is specified). Round stones are by far the most popular shape and when people are looking at diamonds, it’s presumed they’re talking about a round one. Any other shape would be asked for by name “What does a 3/4 princess cut cost?

So let’s take a look at some diamonds from different jewelry stores across the net. I tried to get all the same quality at first, but found this task to be impossible. So, I then just focused on what they had in stock if they didn’t have what I wanted. Some stores didn’t list much info. I wonder how they even sell their stones…

3/4 Carat Diamond Prices

.75, SI1, E, EXCELLENT, GIA $2900 James Allen
.75, SI1, E, EXCELLENT, GIA $2897 Blue Nile
.75, SI1, E, EXCELLENT, GIA $2995 Buy Jewels
.75, SI1, E, EXCELLENT, GIA $2930 Ross-Simons
.75, I2, I, ROUND, NA $2999 Kay Jewelers
.75, I2, I, ROUND, NA $2299.99 Jared
.75, SI1, E, EXCELLENT, GIA $4194.26 Fred Meyers
.75, SI1, E, EXCELLENT, GIA $5241 Zales
.50, FL-SI1, D-I, EXCELLENT, TIFFANY $3340 Tiffany

Average 3/4 Carat Price: $3,351

As you can see, prices are all over the board. And it’s not exactly fair either. But some places didn’t have anything online higher than I clarity stones

Some of these stones were loose, some mounted, some high clarity, some low. Some stores listed the quality, others didn’t. Some didn’t even list who certified the stone, and Tiffany grades their own stones. The info that Tiffany’s gave actually is the least to go by. You can pick the size of the stone you want, but what’s funny is the fact that it jumps from 1/2 carat all the way up to 1 carat. They don’t even have 3/4 carat listed!

No matter, I dealt with what I could find…

It does make me want to give you guys some heads up though. Like make sure the stone has all the proper info (the 4C’s) listed and make sure the stone is certified. I highly recommend GIA or AGS diamond reports!

Now, let’s change things up a bit. Let’s look at TOTAL weight prices!

Carat Total Weights

Rings that have more than one diamond, will generally list all the carat weight of the stones together. Especially in advertisements. It will say something like: 3/4 CTW SI-I, H-I-J… This means, all the diamonds added together will equal 3/4 carats (CTW = Carat Total Weight), and the diamond quality could be anywhere from SI to I clarity, and anywhere from H color all the way down to J. You just don’t know exactly what it is, but it does give you a nice overall picture of the item in question and approximately where it will fall.

When you take 75 points and break it down into smaller stones, it breaks the price of the ring down as well. Sometimes in half or more.

Take a look at the image of 3/4 carat diamond rings to see for yourself…

3/4 Carat Diamond Rings

The average price for these engagement rings is just $1,225. WOW! Big difference when you buy multiple stones…

What’s my Recommendation?

Figure out your budget first. Decide on whether or not you want to give her a solitaire (single diamond), or a ring with lots of stones.

Decide on what clarity and color range you’d like to go with, and stick there!

Any diamond clarity SI1 or higher will pretty much look identical to each other unless you microscope them (Using a microscope or a 10x jewelers loupe). So SI1 is a good place to start.

Colorwise, I would advise H color or higher. That way the diamond looks white and won’t look like yellow stained glass. White diamonds rule! :)

So out of everything that I have shown you here today, what’s the average diamond price for all the rings listed?

Average Price: $2,365

That’s not a Bad Figure.

After all, it could be worse. You could be looking at one carat diamond prices where the average price jumps up immensely… :)

So now you know what to expect. The big question ends up being: Is 3/4 carat the right carat weight? Should you go larger? One carats are the dream diamond weight. Are they calling your name?

It all comes down to price. Set your limit. Know what you have and how much you can comfortably afford to spend.

Because when it comes to diamonds, really, the sky’s the limit!

Cheers! :)

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Recommended Jewelry Supplies:

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Complete Jewelry Cleaner Kit Diamond Dazzle Stick
Gold Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloths Jewelry Making Supplies Kit
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  1. Cathy Wainikainen // October 4, 2016 at 12:06 pm // Reply

    I’m in a bind. I have my grandmothers diamond ring (100)yrs old, 3/4 ct, miners cut, not perfect but very beautiful. Problem is, I am faced with getting a proper price for it as money is needed for a family emergency. Could you advise where to get appraised fairly on Long Island? Thanks!

    • Hi Cathy. Selling an older diamond like this may be tough, for there’s not much market for it. The only advise I could give, is to first get an appraisal at a jewelry store (an official document type), and then try to sell it to either a jeweler, pawn shop, craig’s list or ebay… Don’t expect much though, older diamonds tend to show lots of wear and tear (chips), and the quality (color and clarity) will probably not be high either. :( Good luck! -Richard

  2. I would have LOVED to have the opportunity to buy that ring! I hope everything is ok with your family now!best wishes!

    On another note, I have an opportunity to buy a 76 point D color, VS2 clarity, very good cut and excellent polish round brilliant cut diamond (AGS certified) for $1800. I cant find anything to tell me if that’s a good deal though. Any advise would be appreciated! Thanks!

    • Hi Jessica. The closest I can find with that quality is around $2800; James Allen here. Just be careful that the diamond you’re looking at has a newer report and isn’t damaged after that report was made. :) And as always, have it checked out after you get it to make sure the report is accurate. -Richard

  3. michael dekkers // February 8, 2023 at 4:03 am // Reply

    price on a diamond ring 3/4 ctw(0.780)ctw clarity 2 near colorless gemstone
    diamond round cut

  4. Tom Lorenchick // April 20, 2023 at 4:57 am // Reply

    My mom was married in 1954. Her engagement ring is 3/4 karat with two baguettes. The jeweler she took it to said the stone at that time “had a lot of fire.” She divorced that husband after a few years and hardly ever wore it. The jeweler also told her to be careful where to take it to be cleaned because the stone might be switched. Any idea on the cost if this was sold today?

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