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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

What does an $8000 Diamond Ring look like

People are under the impression that an $8,000 Diamond Ring should look like an $8,000 Diamond Ring.


People have Million Dollar tastes and believe that a ring of that wealth should have all the bells and whistles to it (glitz and sparkle).

The Ring Needs to Scream:

“I am Expensive!”

But this is not always the case with Diamonds or Rings.

Take a look at the picture below…

Guess The Ring Worth Eight Thousand

Which ring is worth $8,000?

It’s a trick! They both are!

Chances are, you would have guessed the ring on the right. Why? Because it has a much bigger Diamond in the center, surrounded by a whole lot of pizzazz.

Money is associated with Diamonds just like everything else in life: Bigger is Better!

Take a look at the image below…

One Diamond Ring is $8,000, the other one is $5,500. Can you spot the difference?

Can You Tell Which Ring Is 8000

You Got it!

The ring on the left with the smaller stone is the more expensive one. That 70 Point Diamond is IF (Internally Flawless), with a Color of D (Perfect Color), along with another 80 Points of Diamonds surrounding it in the mounting.

The other ring on the right contains a much bigger stone, 1.50 Carat, but the quality is much lower, I2 Clarity, one of the lowest grades on the market. Not to mention, it also has a Color of J.

So with Diamonds, you can’t judge what a Diamond costs by looks. You have to judge the quality (usually under a Microscope or Jeweler’s Loupe).

A lot of factors make up the price of Diamonds. Things like: Cut, Color, Clarity Carat Weight, Certification, Fluorescence, Polish and Symmetry. They all play a huge role.

So looking at a ring and determining if it looks like $8,000 is pretty pointless. It’s just personal opinion.

Look at the images below. Would you say that these Rings are worth 8 Grand?

Engagement Rings Worth 8 Grand

They are, but some sure look like it, and some don’t!

So when people get in their minds that they want a ring that looks expensive, it doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be expensive, it just needs to look the part.

It can’t look Cheap!

I see this all the time when people come in and shop for Engagement Rings. They want an $8,000 ring to look expensive. Why would you want a ring that pricey to look cheap?

They want to knock her socks off and make her eyes light up and sparkle. A Good Bang for your Buck! Something bright, sparkly and BIG!

Even though I love a simple, plain mounting, many people lean towards a cute mounting with flashy side Diamonds or Pave-Set Stones. This adds sparkle and fire to the center stone and makes the entire ring POP!

A White Gold mounting also tends to make Diamonds POP more. It all looks very bright and very white.

Will she know you didn’t spend $8,000?

Maybe, maybe not. But chances are, her Girlfriends won’t know (Brownie Points).

Is this Engagement Ring an $8,000 Ring?

8000 Dollar Diamond Engagement Ring

Only you will know for sure! :)

Keep in mind 2 things when it comes to buying Diamond Rings:

1) Not every Women likes a Big, Dazzling (Gaudy) Ring. Some Women like a Dainty Diamond in a Beautiful Mounting.

2) Women will always side with Quality over Quantity! Nine times out of Ten, Women will go with a Smaller Stone of a much Higher Clarity, Color or Cut.

After all, it is the Sparkle (Life) of a Diamond that makes Women Melt… Not the Size of the Rock!

P.S. The Diamond above is worth only $6,500.


Last Test

Which one ring featured below is worth $8,000?

Whats An 8 Thousand Dollar Ring Look Like

It’s Another Trick…

NONE of them are!

They are all worth less than $4,000.

Now that’s an Eye Opener!

See, you just don’t know!!! :)

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