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What is Diamond Cut Jewelry?

Ahhh, the Beauty of Diamonds!

How they Sparkle and Shine like a Billion Stars in the Sky…

Oh, Wait!

Those Aren’t Diamonds!

They’re Diamond Cuts!


Diamond Cuts?

Diamond Cut Jewelry used to be really, really Popular in the 80’s.

Everywhere you turned Jewelry had that Bedazzled look to it! It still is Popular in Certain Types of Jewelry like Charms (See Picture), Chains and Bracelets (And maybe a Couple of those Spinner-Rings!)

Diamond Cuts were Designed for One Main Reason:

To Enhance the look of Jewelry!

Let’s Clear one thing up… Diamond Cuts are NOT Diamonds! Oh-No! (Gasp!)

Diamond Cuts are nothing more than Notches or Grooves cut into the Metal (Usually made by a Jeweler’s Chisel). That’s it!

A Type of Finish on the Metal, just like Satin Finish, Matte Finish and Sandblasting.

Diamond Cuts are just a Simple Jeweler’s Trick to make the Outer Metal Surface Shine.

Nothing Fancy! Nothing Fun!

Those Grooves are Smooth and Highly Polished and the results are Astonishing!

Light Reflects and Dances off those Polished Mirrors and makes the Jewelry Sparkle like Crazy (Gimme my Sunglasses!)

Just Rotating Diamond Cut Jewelry will cause the Light to Hit those Beveled Edges and makes it Sparkle and Shine like a Disco-Ball!

Those Bright Flashes of Light often give the Appearance of Beautiful Diamonds Sparkling!


Hence the Name:

Diamond Cut! (Sneaky Sparkles!)

Diamonds Cuts are usually added into Jewelry to help give it some Pizzazz and Pop. And the Jewelry that needs this the most is usually Cheaper Jewelry.

Cheaper Jewelry!

Inexpensive Jewelry is Inexpensive because it Lacks things like Real Diamonds and Gems. So the Presence of Diamond Cuts makes them look more Appealing, Impressive and Expensive. Who doesn’t like their Jewelry to Shine like a Million Bucks?

Some of the Most Popular Diamond Cut Jewelry on the Market Today can be found in 10kt Gold and Sterling Silver products. Charms (like the one shown above) often take the Cake. Take a look the next time you’re out…

They’re Everywhere!

A lot of Customers Love it. They Love the Sparkles and Attention it Brings. The Funny thing is, most customers are Surprised to find out that there are No Gemstones in the Merchandise.


They say “No way!

They get closer to Inspect the Sparkles. “Well, I’ll be….

That’s the Beauty of Diamond Cuts!


Not really! More like a Fun-House Full of Mirrors! Bling-Bling!

Truth is, some Jewelry needs all the help it can get! (I’m talking to you – Diamond-Cut Rose-Heart Pendant!)

Sadly, if you take a good look at most Diamond Cut Jewelry, you will notice some Surprising Details about it…

The Cuts are Uneven!

None of the Grooves are Perfect, Straight or Equal in Size. This is because it’s done by hand by the Jeweler. Those Cuts end up Jagged, Deep, Uneven and Randomly Spaced. Look at them. It’s um, Quite Interesting!

Maybe the Sparkles will help Hide this Fact? Who knows?

Most people Don’t Care!

People like the Glitz and Glamour of it all. Bring on the Sparkles! But others…

Other Customers Hate it!

“I’d Rather have Real Diamonds!”

Can you Blame them?

Guess What?

Me too!

I don’t want a Gimmick, I want the Real Thing!

What about you?

Does Diamond Cut Dazzle and Delight?

Or Does Diamond Cut NOT Make The Cut?

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