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What Is Diamond Polish The Polish Of A Diamond Grade?

Polish, is a Diamond Characteristic that’s listed on a Diamond Report (aka Certificate).

It’s actually part of “FINISH“, and goes hand in hand with the Symmetry and the Cut of a Diamond.

Polish comes in 5 Different Grades:

  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor

The Very Best Polish Grade to have is “Excellent“. And this “Excellent” Grade, along with an “Excellent” Grade in “Cut” and “Symmetry“, makes up the BEST CUT Diamonds in the World!

That’s what they call a “Triple Excellent Cut“, and it will give you More Brilliance and Sparkle of any Diamond EVER!

They’re Truly Magnificent!

As Seen Here, in this IF, D, Diamond

An Excellent Diamond With Excellent Polish Grade

Now that’s a Beautiful Diamond!

But it still doesn’t Explain what Polish actually is

So here we go…

The Definition of Polish

Think about Polishing a Car for a Second.

What’s the Goal?

To Remove any Scratches, Marks, Lines, or Cloudy Spots.

You Want to Obtain a Surface that’s Perfectly Smooth, Reflective, and Void of any Mars or Marks.

And that’s Exactly what a Polish Grade Determines… How Perfect the Surface of a Facet is.

The Fewer the Marks, Lines, Scuffs, the Better the Grade. An Excellent Polish has Very Few Imperfections at all.

Imperfections are Caused by Many Things:

  • The way the Diamond was Cut (Against the Grain Lines).
  • The Way a Diamond was Grown (Air Pockets or Minerals Trapped in the Diamond upon Creation).
  • The Expertise of the Actual Cutter (Not Buffing or Polishing the Diamond Perfectly Flat).
  • The Diamond’s Facets actually being Chipped or Rounded off due to Abuse or Wear and Tear over the Years.

As you can see, many things can Cause these Imperfections that will Affect the Polish Grade of the Stone.

So the Polish Grade looks at the Amount of Imperfections or Marks on the Outside Surface of the Stone, as seen under 10x Magnification (Using a Jeweler’s Loupe or a Microscope).

These Surface Flaws are usually only seen when you hold a Diamond at just the right Angle, so the Light Bounces or Reflects off the Surface showing how Perfect the Plane is.

Like so…

The Polish Of A Diamond

The Characteristics Of Polish Are:

(Listed in No Particular Order of Importance)

Polish Lines:

Little, Tiny, Parallel Lines that are Caused by the Faceting Process.

Rough Girdle:

When the Girdle of a Diamond is Pitted, Irregular, or Grainy.

Burn Marks:

When the Facets Display a Hazy Area caused by Overheating.


Little, Tiny Indentations in the Facets that Appear like White Dots.


Little Narrow Lines in the Facet that look White.

Lizard Skin:

Lizard What? Lizard Skin is where the Surface of the Facets look Wavy, Bumpy, or Scaly like a Reptile.


Where the Facet has Scrape Marks or Abrasions along the Facet’s Edge.

Polish Affects All!

The Polish can Really Affect the Entire Overall Appearance of a Stone Greatly.

The Better the Polish, the More that Diamond will Sparkle, look Brighter, and Produce More Distinct Light Reflections.

All this from a Topic that Many People know Very Little About.

Polish is Listed on a GIA Diamond Report here:

Diamond Polish On A GIA Diamond Report

Look for “Excellent” if you want the Most Sparkle, Brilliance, and Fire from your Diamond.

And if you’re in the Market for Diamonds with Excellent Polish, Head on over to James Allen HERE!

Excellent Polished Diamonds ROCK!

You’re Just gonna Love them!

Cheers! :)

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