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What Is Diamond Scintillation?


Scintillation is something you may hear a Jeweler talk about.

Especially if he’s talking about CUT.

Because CUT brings out the Scintillation of a Diamond more than any other Diamond Aspect.

So What Is Scintillation?


More Specifically, the Light Effects that Emit from a Diamond.

You see, when you Hold a Diamond up and Tilt it Back and Forth, and Rotate it around in Circles, Light enters the Stone, and either it Reflects off the Surface of the Stone, Bounds back out of the Stone to the Eye in White Light, called “Brilliance“, or gets Bounced across the Pavilion where it comes out in Tons of Colored Light called “Fire“.

This entire Fireworks Display of Multiple Lights looks like a Disco-Ball.

It’s the Life and Beauty and Sparkle of any Diamond.

This Stunning Eye-Candy is what Scintillation is all about.

GIA’s Description of Scintillation reads:

“Flashes of Light Reflected from a Polished Diamond. Seen when either the Diamond, the Light Source, or the Observer moves.

Besides Diamond’s Inherent Optical Properties, Scintillation Depends on the Number and Size of the Facets, the Precision of the Facet Angles, and the Quality of the Polish.

Sometimes called Sparkle!”

(From the GIA Diamond Dictionary)

See, it’s the Dramatic Light Effects, and it really comes from How Well a Diamond is Cut.

To get the Best Scintillation, Buy a Diamond that has a Combo of “Excellent” Cut, “Excellent” Polish, and “Excellent” Symmetry!

And you can Buy these Diamonds HERE at James Allen!

Now those are Diamonds that will Knock her Socks off!

Cheers! :)

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