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What Can you Do with Old Tennis Bracelet Diamonds?

Here’s a question:

Can you take the diamonds out of a tennis bracelet that you don’t wear anymore and reset them into something new and exciting?

It’s a great question sent in from Susie in our Question and Answer section.

And she’s not alone.

A lot of women have this concern. Either their tennis bracelet is old and broken, given by an ex, maybe it snags, it’s out of style, or maybe it’s yellow gold and they now wear only white???

There are a lot of reasons why women don’t wear their tennis bracelets anymore, but that also means that you have diamonds just sitting there doing nothing.

Why not use them?

Reset the diamonds into a new piece of jewelry?

It sounds fun, doesn’t it?

After all, it is collecting dust in the jewelry box and that’s not good.

So use them.


Your options are limited.

You see, tennis bracelets are an odd creature for a couple of reasons:

  1. Diamond quality is usually not the best (most are I clarity, I color)
  2. Chances are, all the diamonds are the same size.

It makes an interesting dilemma.

You end up with is 25-50 (roughly) small, matching diamonds. That’s a lot of diamonds!!!

Where does one even begin?

Not only will you have to locate a mounting that will hold a lot of diamonds, but you’ll also have to find a mounting that holds the exact size diamonds you have.

That’s the fun part.

If all your diamonds are 2.5mm then the new mounting will have to hold 2.5mm stones. Tricky tricky.

Do also note that the odds are quite slim that you’ll find another mounting large enough to hold all of your diamonds. 50 diamonds from a tennis bracelet is almost impossible to set.

You can’t use them all.

So my advice is this… Right from the get-go, give up this notion.

Don’t even entertain the thought that you’ll find something that will accommodate all of your stones. It just won’t happen… Easily.

I would imagine that you’ll have diamonds left-over when you’re done.

And in many cases, a lot of them.

So what are some of the jewelry options available that hold same-size matching diamonds?

Let’s find out…

Channel set diamond rings:

A channel set diamond ring is #1 on my list. It’s the cleanest, simplest and usually the only one at minimal cost. Most jewelers can order in a channel set mounting in the right mm size to fit your diamonds quickly. Channel set rings work great and are perfect for using up a bunch of diamonds.

So I say, make a couple of these rings, stack them, wear them all together. Why not?

And don’t forget that matching diamond toe-ring. :)

Initial pendant:s

Next up (what Susie had in mind) is an initial pendant or charm.

This is a great idea that I really do love. Reset those diamonds into your own initial or initials. Set them into 14kt white gold (ny favorite) and they’ll sparkle and shine just like the tiffany style initial pendants do.

They’re absolutely awesome:

Plus, there are countless styles of initials and letters to choose from. Block lettering, script, look around, you’ll see great examples that you can add diamonds to.

This is a winner in my book.

Diamond pendants:

Diamond pendants are perfect. There are so many great pendant choices that will hold matching diamonds. Jewelry like these wonderful circle diamond pendants, diamond crosses, diamond bar pendants… You name it, there are so many varieties, you simply must check them all out.

Still more options:

Other things you can do with your old tennis bracelet diamonds…

  • You can set them into a diamond bezel for a Rolex watch.
  • Set them into a new diamond tennis bracelet that you would wear.
  • Add a diamond into every Pandora charm that you own (see picture).
  • Make a pair of matching diamond stud earrings and pendant.
  • Save the diamonds for your grandkids and scrap the mounting.
  • Trade-in the entire bracelet for something new.

See examples here…

Uses for Tennis Bracelet Diamonds!

Just keep in mind that a lot of times, resetting these diamonds might not be the best idea because of the cost involved in mounting them.

Labor is not cheap.

It all depends on the value and carat weight of your bracelet.

Check with your jeweler and see if it’s right for you.

And if all else fails…

Sell it.

(Hello Ebay and Craigslist.)

That’s one way to get rid of your tennis bracelet diamond issue. :)

Visit your local jeweler for more ideas and options. I’m sure you’ll find plenty.

Plus, you can make an eternity ring, too.

Just what you always wanted…

Cheers! :)

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