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The Best Tie Chain For Your Tie To Buy

I Wear a Tie Every Single Day!

But the thing I Hate about Wearing Ties, is that they’re always Getting Caught on Things. They get Caught in the Jewelry Cases, the Sonic Cleaner, the Buffer

What a Pain!

So I Started Wearing Jewelry Tie Pins and Bars, to Hold my Tie Down. Let me tell you about them…

Tie Pins

It First Started with Tie Pins. I Bought a Yellow Gold CZ Tie Pin. It looked Awesome. It sat low to the Tie and I Loved it. But I Hated Sticking that Sharp Pin through my Expensive Ties. No matter how careful you were you could always see the Poke Marks it left behind and every now and then it would Snag my Tie. Arggh!!!

So I gave up on Tie Pins!

Tie Bars

I then tried Tie Bars. Tie Bars drove me Nuts! I could never get the Tie Bar to look Straight, it was always leaning or getting Bunched up and Diagonal. The Tie would have Bulges in it and the Tie Bar would leave Creases and Indentations in my Tie.

Frustrated, I gave up on Tie Bars!

Tie Chains

Then I moved on to Tie Chains. I must say, I Fell in Love with Tie Chains. I Love the way they look, I love the way they feel. They don’t Confine your Tie and Pin it down. The Chain Loosely Holds your Tie in place, while still giving it Freedom, Movement, and Air. They look Elegant and keep your Tie where it Belongs and not Blowing in the Wind. Plus they don’t Damage your Ties! Bonus! Nothing gets Clipped, Pinched or Clamped.

The Chain Encircles your Tie and looks Beautiful!

A Tie Chain has a Small Loop that Hooks over your Shirt Button. (See photo above!) The Biggest Problem I found with Tie Chains is that they aren’t Secure. They come off your Button easily and you’ll end up Losing the Chain. I can’t tell you how many I’ve Lost before I finally Found a Different Solution.

So what is the Solution?

I made my own Tie Chain!

You see, the Biggest Issue I had with Tie Chains was that they always came loose and that they were always Gold Plated!

I really didn’t like Wearing a Cheap Piece of Plated Jewelry. (Especially since I work in a Jewelry Store!) So this is what I did…

I bought a 14kt Yellow Gold 8″ Men’s Rope Bracelet (You can also Buy it in 10k which is much Cheaper and looks the Same). Problem Solved! You put the Bracelet through your Button Hole-Loop and Fasten it. (I usually Wear mine about 3/4 of the way down the Tie.) You then put your Tie through the Bracelet Loop. That’s it!

It holds it Safe and Secure and because the Bracelet is Gold, it won’t Tarnish or Fade Colors. It will last Forever!

I’ve had mine for 8 years and Love it!

The Best Dressy Tie Chain In The World

You can use a 8″ Rope Chain, Rolo Link Chain, Wheat Chain any Smooth Thin 8″ Bracelet should work Awesome. (Don’t buy anything Rough that’ll Snag your Tie!)

Trust me, it really does Work! You’ll Love how it looks and you’ll Love the Compliments people give you on it.

You won’t ever Regret Buying this Type of Tie Chain!

And then you too, will have the Best Tie-Chain in the World!

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