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When Diamond Clarity Doesnt Matter Not Important Not An Issue


Doesn’t matter?

That’s right… In almost all instances, the clarity of a diamond doesn’t matter.

Whether it be the lowest grade, or the highest, it really isn’t that important.

Clarity only becomes an issue when:

  • It becomes highly obvious
  • It blocks light and life
  • It makes the diamond weaker

Other than that, who cares.

How many times are you going to microscope your diamond, other than the day you bought it? Not much (even though I advise doing so to prevent diamond switching).

But for most, clarity is not a concern.

Even if they can see some inclusions in their stone, that’s still okay. It adds character.

Only when the clarity starts to affect the beauty of the stone, that’s when it begins to matter.

When the flaws become overpowering, a distraction, makes the diamonds dark and lifeless, or weak from too many fractures, that’s a different story.

No one wants that.

Generally, if you stick with an SI grade or higher, you’ll never have to worry about any of these issues.

Even some nice looking I1 clarity diamonds face up like more expensive stones (just try not to get any big black spots dead center of the table).

And, if you’re getting a smaller carat weight, like 1/2 carat or smaller, than clarity is practically invisible to the bare eye. They get so small to see

Compare carat weights below:

How Clarity Affects Diamond Carat Weight

Bigger diamonds show inclusions more.

SI is a great clarity to own. It’s a good compromise of a great looking stone and one that’s affordable at the same time.

Compare an SI1 to Flawless diamond below:

Compare SI1 Clarity To Flawless Clarity

1.05, SI1, F, EX, EX, EX, NONE $6,270 VIEW
1.05, FL, F, EX, EX, EX, NONE $10,920 VIEW

You don’t see the inclusions, but you do see the price!

(Prices good at the time of this post.)

Clarity is one of the least important factors when it comes to the 4C’s of diamonds (Cut is #1).

So don’t fret too much about microscopic details. Diamonds all have birthmarks, moles, freckles, just like people; things that identify us in nature.

This is why SI1 is the best selling clarity on the market. It faces up great and looks beautiful.

Check out these SI1 diamonds below:

SI1 Clarity Diamonds

Cheers! :)

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