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Why Are Hoop Earrings Hollow?

Some women come into the store looking to purchase gold hoop earrings.

There’s such an abundance of gold hoops in every size and shape.

Large hoops, small hoops, round, oval, square. Some have designs, etchings, diamond-cuts, satin finish.

Some are two-tone with white gold and yellow gold (see picture), others have tri-gold with rose gold (or pink gold) added. But after all those selections, the customer will pick them up, hold them near their ears and realize something else…

They’re lightweight and hollow.

So why do manufacturers go through the trouble of making such great looking hoops only to cheapen them by making the inside hollow?

Well, there are 3 main reasons for that. Let’s dive in…

1) To save money:

Can you believe it? I’m stunned. But think about it, if you filled the inside of the hoop with gold, it wouldn’t matter, because you wouldn’t see it anyway. You’d be spending money on something invisible.

2) That’s just the way they’re made:

Diecast and stamped-out shells are molded and soldered together like a puzzle. Both halves are brought together to create the finished look.

3) They would get too heavy:

They’re made lightweight because otherwise the weight of the earrings would get too heavy and stretch your earlobes down to your shoulders.

But the sad reality of hollow gold hoops is this:

They dent easily!

Too easily! Some women say that just talking on the phone and having the phone rest against the hoops dents them. The walls of those hoop earrings are so thin, they bend really easily and dent quickly. Sometimes you can crush them with your fingernail. I’ve had people test out the clasps on these and dent the earring. That’s weak!

But what’s the really worst thing about hollow hoops?

(Besides the fact that it saves the manufacturer money…)

It’s a problem that everyone gets mad at…

It’s this:

Dented hoops are almost impossible to repair!

Once you dent those beautiful gold hoops, there’s almost nothing that can be done to straighten those dents out again.

Why can’t they be fixed?

Because they are hollow!

You can’t get inside of the hoop to push the dent back out.

And the jewelers can’t apply force or pressure to the earrings because they would just dent and crush them even more. Under most circumstances, if you dent your gold hoops, you’ll just have to live with it (Or buy a new pair).

Sucks doesn’t it?

Gold earrings are expensive enough, but, can you imagine what price they’d be if they were solid? It would probably cost you 10 times the price. And we all know most wouldn’t want to pay that.

Hollow hoops hang nice, don’t pull on your ears, and can be worn with just about everything. And I’ll help you out even more… because there is one absolutely great thing that you can always look for when purchasing gold hoop earrings…

A guarantee.

Most earring manufacturers carry a lifetime guarantee on their hoops. Check around. The ones that have this guarantee might be a little bit more expensive, but if they give you the opportunity to exchange your earrings if you ever dented them, and those gold hoops get exchanged for FREE, then it’s worth every penny.

So hollow as hoops may be… at least now you know the inside story.

Check out Amazon for some awesome and cheap gold hoop earrings HERE.

Cheers! :)

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